Bat Removal & Prevention Inc. Guarantees  the LOWEST Price Or We Will Pay Your Inspection Fee*!

Lowest Price

Have you already received an estimate or quote from another company and don’t want to pay another inspection fee? Call Bat Removal & Prevention and I will come to your home or business and do an inspection and if Bat Removal & Prevention is not Lower than your previous estimate you do not pay our inspection fee!

What you will need?

On the day of our inspection you must have a written proof of cost of service to be provided by last bat removal/ Pest control company from within 14 days.
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Higher aim than just price.

Effective bat removal and wildlife control does not always boil down to the lowest price. But we also know that we must compete. Our goal is not to give you cheap service but quality workmanship. But we will compete with any written invoice by a competitor. We will have the Lowest Price Guaranteed if that is what it takes to secure your business.

Just call us at 248-403-8167.

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