Have A Bat, Mice, Or Wildlife Problem In Macomb? Let Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. Help

Do you have a bat invasion, mice infestation, or wildlife problem in your Beacon Square, Breckenridge, Buckingham Village, Brook Run, Camelot Villa, Cornerstone Village, Deerfield Park, Fieldstone Estates, Indian Pointe, Legacy Estates, Maple Villas, Plum Grove, Sycamore Estates, Strawberry Fields, Twin Rivers, Winding Creek, Woodside Trails, Westbridge Manor, or other Macomb neighborhood home? We can help!

Do you have a bat colony in your attic or a loose bat in your Macomb home or commercial building? What about mice in your walls or squirrels in your attic? Let Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. take care of it for you. We’ve been helping resolve the wildlife control, bat problems, mice problems, and rodent problems of our neighbors in the greater Macomb area for years and there’s no issue we can’t resolve for you and your family. But we know it can be difficult to know who you can trust to take care of your issue and what you should look for when choosing a company. Here’s a little bit of info that we hope helps with your decision!

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Bat Removal/Mice & Wildlife Exclusion Company?

Bats are a protected wildlife animal in the state of Michigan, so it’s imperative that you get a company that is both licensed with the state of Michigan and through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to handle and relocate the bats. The team here at Bat Removal & Prevention is fully licensed and uses humane practices and methods for the removal of bats, mice, and other critters. No poisons. No messy traps. No dangerous chemicals.

What Should I Expect When I Call?

When you call Bat Removal & Prevention, we’ll send someone out to fully inspect your home or business and assess the situation. We’ll determine what type of animal invasion you have, how many there are, how they made their way into your building, and whether there are baby bats or baby animals present. All of this will help us determine the best course of action.

Once we have a plan, we’ll set up equipment (typically one-way doors for bats and spring-loaded traps for other critters) and begin the process. We then re-inspect the space to ensure that all animals have been effectively removed from the premises.

Once we ensure that there are no more bats, mice, or critters, we remove all equipment, seal up any holes or areas of entry, and get to work on the cleaning and restoration portion of the service. Bat guano has a reputation for causing health issues (like histoplasmosis, a lung infection) in humans, so we completely remove it, sanitize your attic, and lay all new insulation. We’re also licensed builders, so we’re fully equipped and capable of replacing damaged drywall, wiring, flashing, or other materials in your attic.

What Can I Do To Prevent Animals, Mice, And Bats From Coming Back?

Michigan wildlife issues are common in the Macomb area, but we don’t just offer responsive help, we also offer preventative help. We offer a Wildlife Preventive Maintenance Program, which ensures you two full home inspections a year and resealing, if needed. This program is designed to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone else is monitoring your animal wildlife issues and securing vulnerable areas of your home or office, without you having to worry about it.

Why Choose Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. For Your Macomb Bat, Mice & Wildlife Removal & Control Problems?

Our experience as wildlife control technicians empowers us to quickly and effectively eliminate your bat problems, mice problems, or other wildlife problems, and restore the security of your Macomb residence. We’ve removed countless bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, mice, and rodents from homes throughout Michigan, and there’s truly no removal or restoration service we can’t tackle.

In addition to offering reliable 24-hour emergency bat removal service and friendly customer service, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have always exceeded our clients’ expectations and offered them top-notch, humane, and effective wildlife control services. We offer quality service at an affordable rate and even work with homeowners’ insurance companies to get costs covered. From the inspection down to the thorough cleanup, you can rest assured that we are fully dedicated to providing you with the best animal and pest control services! Call us at 248-403-8167 to request an inspection or to learn more about who we are and how we can help you.

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