Meet The Bat Removal & Prevention Team

My Bat Guy Owner Ron Pelshaw with his wife and two kids at Disney

My Bat Guy Owner Ron Pelshaw with his wife and two kids at Disney

My Bat Guy Original Photo of Owner - Ron Pelshaw & Family

Ron Pelshaw, Founder and President of Bat Removal and Prevention Inc. has been in the bat removal business for over 16 years. As you can see, he is a family man! He has both a long history in bat removal and a passion for customer satisfaction. An “About Us” page starts with our foundation. And Ron has proven to be an expert in the field with attention to detail and a drive for ethical standards.

My Bat Guy Office Manager - Kelly

My Bat Guy Office Manager - Kelly

My Bat Guy Original Photo of Kelly, Office Manager

Kelly maintains and organizes office operations and procedures. She is head of finances and handles all of your billing needs. She also handles insurance claims, going the extra mile in order to get your restoration approved and fully covered! She is one of our 24-hour emergency call handlers and is likely to be one of the voices you hear on the phone if you call with a bat in your living space.


Our inspectors are a key component in the field. They know the area and the animals likely to cross your path in the State of Michigan.
They are dedicated and hard-working. They are often on the go from one Michigan location to the next, assessing the needs of each individual home.

Office Staff

Our office staff does all of our scheduling and follow-up. They are the first people you speak with here at Bat Removal & Prevention. If you have any questions concerning an appointment or services provided, give us a call!

Field Technicians

Our field technicians are very hardworking individuals dedicated to taking care of all of your bat removal needs. They are on call for our 24-hour emergency service and are always on the go. They are all very knowledgeable about the field and can answer all of your questions!


Testimonials from happy customers could give you even more reasons to choose us.

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