We Bring Quality Bat Removal, Mice Removal & Wildlife Control Services To Rochester Hills, MI

Whether you live in Arcadia Park, Avon, Bellarmine Hills, Bridgewood Farms, Brookedale Woods, Cider Mills, Cumberland Hills, Deer Run, Eddington Farms, Fairview Farms, Falcon Estates, Kensington Forest, Kingspointe, Lake Village, Michelson Meadows, Northbrooke, Oak Pointe Estates, Sugar Creek, Valley Stream, or in another community in Rochester Hills, you can count on Bat Removal & Prevention to take care of all of your bat, mice, and wildlife removal and control needs.

It is not uncommon to have bats invading your residential or business premises in Rochester Hills, Michigan. However, you can let out a sigh of relief when in this predicament because Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. has got you covered. We are a licensed wildlife control company that has been offering expert animal control services to areas around Oakland County for several years. One thing we are proud of is that we always leave our clients happy, relieved, and wildlife-problem-free. Why turn elsewhere when, with us, you get convenient and reliable bat and wildlife removal services at extremely competitive rates? We’re committed to providing you with the most effective and best possible service and we warranty all of our work. Keep reading to learn more about our processes and services.

Home Inspections & Bat/Animal Removal

Not sure what type of animal is making those scratching and scurrying sounds in your attic? Our experts are experienced and have mastered the art of distinguishing between a variety of nuisance animals. A scratching noise in the attic could be any type of animal, but we are properly equipped to conduct a thorough inspection so we can embark on the right removal procedure. At this stage, we identify the type of animal, estimate the size of the bat colony or animal population, pinpoint how they’re gaining access to your attic or home, and identify the damage they’ve done.

Once we’ve developed and discussed a plan with you, we’ll get to work setting up the appropriate equipment. It should be noted that all of our bat, bird, raccoon, squirrel, mice, and rodent removal and exclusion services are humane. We never use poisons or traps that could injure or kill the animal we’re removing. Once the animal is trapped, we simply release it at one of our designated release sites in Oakland County.

Re-Inspection, Sealing, Cleaning & Restoring Attics

Once the bats, mice, rodents, raccoons, or other wildlife are out, we seal any holes, gaps, and entry points to prevent the animals from coming back. Part of what makes us a trusted bat and wildlife removal company is that we always do a follow-up inspection after about a month to ensure that the animals were properly evacuated. We also offer quarterly control services and provide cleanup services, removing bat guano and animal droppings, as well as disinfecting the entire area using environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaners.

And if the animals destroyed any insulation, wiring, drywall, or other materials in your home, we can replace them and restore the attic in its entirety. How are wildlife control professionals qualified to repair and restore your home? We’re also licensed builders!

Wherever You Are In Rochester Hills, You Can Count On Us

Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. has conducted safe wildlife control services in Rochester Hills, Michigan and the surrounding communities in Oakland County for years. We are well-versed in the pest problems in the area, and we have a specialized focus on bat removal and attic restoration services. The best part is, we also give you the best tips on how to get rid of and prevent pests and nuisance animals all by yourself.

To request an inspection or for Emergency Bat Removal Services 24/7, give us a call at 248-403-8167 or fill out our online scheduling form. Restore the peace in your home by hiring a wildlife control company that will provide you with quality services you deserve at a very pocket-friendly price. We’ll even work with your homeowners’ insurance company to get your costs covered. Call us today to learn more! We are always happy to serve you!


Macomb is one of our valued service communities and we look forward to keeping our customers there bat-, rodent-, mice-, bird-, squirrel and raccoon-free.

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