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Current Mice Control & Removal Methods Not Working?

My Mice Guy is the answer to all your mice control needs. Whether you are seeing mice in your home on occasion or you hear them in the walls, our trained professionals can tackle the issue.

Our process starts with a thorough inspection of your home so we can identify activity and entry points. We then move to the exclusion phase, and finally, we seal up entry points and provide solutions for prevention.

Have pets and kids at home? Don’t worry. We use locked kid-friendly and pet-friendly exterior stations to prevent future problems. We also offer quarterly empty, clean, and refill services, so you never have to worry about mice in your home again.

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How Can My Mice Guy Help?

mice tunnels in insulation

Mice/Rodent Proofing

Trapping usually isn’t enough. We will locate the areas where mice are accessing your home or business and seal ALL openings in the foundation and elsewhere.

Exterior mice prevention tool set up outside house


We use exterior and interior monitoring with kid-friendly and pet-friendly special stations to reduce infiltration of mice/rodents into your home or business.

mice droppings on attic insulation

Clean Up and Disinfecting

Mice can cause damage to insulation. We offer the removal of contaminated insulation, droppings, and remains from your attic. Upon request, we can disinfect the once contaminated areas with our natural products. Whatever you need done, our restoration experts can do it, and do it right. 

Why Choose Us For Mice Removal?

Having mice in your home is not a pleasant experience and you want the issue resolved as soon as possible, without any headaches. That’s why you work with qualified and experienced professionals. Do we make the cut? Well:

  • We’re fully licensed with the Department of Natural Resources for wildlife control and removal.
  • We use ONLY humane methods of animal removal, never poisons or other toxic products that could harm the animal, the environment, your family, or your pets.
  • We’re members of NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association).
  • We’re licensed builders in the state of Michigan and we have decades of construction experience.
  • We understand structures and what should/shouldn’t be done when sealing up and restoring damaged attics and other areas.
  • We warranty all of our work and run our business with integrity. All our services come with a 1-year warranty and we also offer a lifetime warranty with our preventive maintenance program.
  • We work with and are a preferred contractor for many insurance companies and can help you get your animal removal and attic restoration costs covered.

If you have any questions regarding our company or services please give us a call. We proudly serve the areas of MacombLansingBrightonAnn ArborFentonGrand BlancLapeerRochesterOxfordClarkston, and Bloomfield.

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