Offering Macomb County Wildlife Removal Services

Hearing some racket in your attic? Think you may have a few unwanted tenants? Call My Bat Guy for fast removal and effective prevention services. We’re here to help, wherever you are in Warren, Sterling Heights, Roseville, Mount Clemons, Eastpointe, Fraser, Utica, or elsewhere in the area!

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Hearing noises in your attic or walls can be just as scream-inducing as a horror film. Because when critters — whether large or small — get into your home, they can do some serious damage. Ripped up insulation, urine-soaked drywall, piles of feces, chewed up wires — these things all come with the territory. But you don’t have to live with the horror — My Bat Guy can help.

We’re licensed with the Department of Natural Resources and we use the safest, most humane methods of wildlife removal possible. We specialize in removal, relocation, and of course prevention.

As construction experts, we can quickly identify wildlife entry-points in your home and seal them up. And since all of our work is warrantied, you can expect long-lasting protection against wildlife issues.

Our Humane Wildlife Removal Services In Macomb County

Here at My Bat Guy, we specialize in the removal and prevention of all types of wildlife, including:

My Bat Guy - Bat Removal

Bat Removal

Our personal favorite, bats. While we love them and they can be really great to have around (they eat mosquitos in incredible numbers!), they certainly don’t belong in your home. If you have a bat problem, we’ll humanely capture and remove them — whether you have a single bat or a colony — and make sure they don’t re-enter the space. We can also remove any guano and restore any damaged areas.

My Bat Guy - Mice Removal

Mice & Rat Removal

Mice and rats can get into food in your cabinets, scurry through walls, chew up electrical wires and insulation, and of course: leave droppings and urine in your home. Not exactly ideal. If you’ve spotted mice or rats on your property, give us a call. We’ll humanely remove them, seal up entry points, and eliminate your rodent problem for good.

My Bat Guy - Racoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons can be incredibly destructive to your property, and if they get into your attic, the damage can be disastrous. Not only that, but they can make you feel like it’s unsafe to let your family pets outside at night.

My Bat Guy - Attic Restoration

Attic Restorations

Of course, our services also include an inspection and investigation into possible entry-points, so we can determine what needs to be done to prevent future problems. We also offer attic restoration and sanitation services to help get things back to normal after the animals are removed.

My Bat Guy - Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are hyper and determined little critters that can do a lot of damage in a little time. Not only that, but they can keep you up at night if they’re in your attic. We can help by humanely removing them and making sure they can’t access the space in the future.

My Bat Guy - Bird Removal

Bird Removal

Where there are birds, there are flammable nesting materials and messy bird droppings. If your attic has become a hangout for the neighborhood birds, we can help. We’ll capture them and relocate them, seal up your attic space, and make sure your home stays bird-free for the long-term.

Wondering how you’ll pay for removal or restoration services? Not to worry because we work with insurance companies and are even a preferred contractor. We’ll help you get your costs covered.

Who can We Help in Macomb County?

We’re happy to serve our neighbors throughout Macomb County, including those in the following zip codes, cities, and towns:

Armada, Center Line, Eastpointe, Fraser, Clinton Township, Macomb, Mount Clemens, Harrison Township, New Baltimore, New Haven, Richmond, Romeo, Roseville, St. Clair Shores, Warren, Washington, Ray, Sterling Heights, Utica

48005, 48015, 48021, 48026, 48035, 48036, 48038, 48042, 48043, 48044, 48045, 48046, 48047, 48048, 48050, 48051, 48062, 48065, 48066, 48080, 48081, 48082, 48088, 48089, 48090, 48091, 48092, 48093, 48094, 48095, 48096, 48310, 48311, 48312, 48313, 48314, 48315, 48316, 48317, 48318, 48397

To get a quote for your wildlife removal and prevention services, just give us a call. We’re here to help!

Have a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP? We offer 24/7 emergency bat removal services, so no matter where you are in Macomb County, we can hop on I-94 and be there when you need us – day or night. Give us a call today!

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