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Are there bats in your home? Bat Removal and Prevention, Inc. is licensed to deal with all your wildlife control, mice control, and bat control needs in Lansing.

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Why Hire Bat Removal Services?

  • To eliminate noises in your attic, walls, and other living spaces
  • To remove bat droppings and help reduce odors and airborne diseases such as histoplasmosis
  • To prevent damaged insulation, crawl spaces, and other home areas
  • To get the peace of mind and comfort you deserve when at home
It is our aim to ensure that we have effectively dealt with your bat problem while adhering to the wildlife control guidelines. What this means is that our bat exclusion methods are completely humane, as bats are protected under the Michigan law as endangered species. So what does humane bat removal look like?

What To Expect During A Bat Removal Service

Once you contact Bat Removal & Prevention, we immediately take action to start the process of bat elimination from your residential or commercial property in Lansing, Michigan. Our process typically includes the following four major steps:

  • #1 Inspection. Our team of experts is experienced in bat behavior, therefore, it is quite easy for them to carry out an inspection on your property and give you a detailed analysis of the situation. We check for the passages that the bats are using to enter your premises. We also look into the type of colony that has invaded your home. This is because we need to determine the best exclusion method for the specific type of colony you have. For instance, a bachelor colony is eliminated by the use of one-way doors placed at their entry points. A female colony could have young pups, so we would need to take precautions so that the mothers are not separated from their young. Basically, we do not leave anything to chance — we want to effectively get rid of the bats and prevent their return.
  • #2 Bat Exclusion. As mentioned earlier, our methods are in accordance with wildlife control guidelines, so we do not use any harmful chemicals or poisons. With a female colony, it is always advisable to wait until their young can fly and leave the roost on their own. When this happens, one-way doors are placed at their points of entry, forcing them to seek shelter elsewhere. A bachelor colony is dealt with in the same manner. These one-way doors are perfect for keeping bats out because, once they leave their nest, they cannot return.
  • #3 Sealing Off Entry Points. Once we are sure that all the bats have left, we then seal every crack or hole that could give the bats access to your home. Bats can fit through even the tiniest crack when they are determined to get back into their roosting area. Therefore, this step is quite vital to ensuring that the bat colony does not return. Our bat removal experts will thoroughly bat-proof your house from the foundation to the roof top!
  • #4 Decontamination. This step is especially important if the colony that was in your property was very large. The amount of bat droppings (guano) left behind is sometimes so enormous that is causes foul odors throughout the home, damaged wood, dirty walls, sagging ceilings, and of course, the risk of contracting the lung infection, histoplasmosis. That’s why the cleaning stage of the bat removal process is so important.  Additionally, bats have a very keen sense of smell and can easily sniff out their previous roosting nests and make an attempt to return.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Bat Removal and Prevention was very professional and did a great job!  The guys were hard working and polite, I would highly recommend them. Thank you for a quick response and getting the job done right!”
Charles Etepa

But bats aren’t the only critters we help with. We also offer bird-, rodent-, raccoon-, squirrel-, and mice-removal and control services.

Plus, we proudly offer attic restoration services, so if extensive damage has been done to your insulation, wiring, framing, or drywall, we’ll take care of it.

If you live in Lansing and need bat removal, mice removal, wildlife removal, or 24/7 emergency bat removal services, give us a call at 248-403-8167 or fill out the form on our Request A Quote page. Expert, humane help is just a phone call away!


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