How Do Bats Damage Attics?

Bat colonies can number in the thousands, and when they get into your attic, they can cause mass destruction. You may not have had thousands of bats living in your attic, but even a handful of bats can do damage. How so?

  • Like raccoons and rodents, bats scratch away at the insulation in attics and chew at walls and wires.
  • Each bat can defecate between 20 and 30 times a day, and they typically go in the same places, time after time. This leads to urine stains on walls and siding, and heavy piles of guano (bat droppings), which can pile up and cause ceilings and drywall to sag and collapse.
  • Guano encourages the growth of fungus, which can be damaging to more than just your attic. When breathed in, these spores can cause histoplasmosis, a serious lung infection, in humans.
  • Guano attracts insects and rodents, so you could go from having a bat problem to having a bat problem, a rat problem, and a cockroach problem. More animals/insects = more feces and more damage.
bat guano in attic insulation before restoration
Technician's hand holding hose as new insulation is added to attic after waste removal and clean up
attic after restoration is complete with fresh new insulation
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Is Your Attic In Need Of Restoration? Call Bat Removal & Prevention!

If you’ve had bats living in your attic, we can help. We’re licensed and experienced wildlife control and animal removal experts, but we’re also experts in the construction field. Our team has decades of experience and, as fully licensed and preferred contractors with an array of homeowners’ insurance companies, you don’t have to worry about how effective or professional our attic restoration work will be. We work to not just restore your attic, but to bat-proof it and make sure you never have to deal with a bat infestation again.

Whether you need drywall replaced, large piles of guano removed, insulation replaced, wood framing replaced, spot cleaning, wires replaced, areas of the attic sealed, or other restoration work done, you can count on us. We’ll even disinfect the entire space using environmentally-friendly, family-friendly, and pet-friendly products. To learn more about the attic restoration process and what’s involved, visit our Full Attic Restorations page.

Need a quote? Ready to get your attic restoration on the calendar? Give us a call at 248-403-8167 or fill out our online appointment request form. We’re here to help make the process affordable and as stress-free and mess-free as possible.


Find out how raccoons damage attics when you call on our full attic restoration specialists.

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