Do You Have Birds In Your Michigan Home Or Business? Call On Bat Removal & Prevention!

Whether you have a nest on your porch or roof or in your gutters or chimney; you hear chirping in your walls; or you’ve visually located a bird in your home or business, it can be difficult to know just what to do. Of course, your course of action will depend on whether you have maternal birds nesting or the bird is flying freely through your home or office.

Help! I Have A Bird In My Home – What Do I Do?

If you haven’t visually spotted the bird, rely on your ears. First things first: listen closely to determine if it’s a single bird or if there are baby birds present. Next, try to identify just where they are and contain them to that specific area. Birds will oftentimes hide near window treatments, under lampshades, and under tables when they are trapped in your home, so check these places first.

If you have a bird flying freely through your home or office, try to contain them in one room and open up all windows and exterior-access doors. It will take some patience, but you can sometimes use a bed sheet to guide them out through the open window or door.

two birds perched in their nest atop a chimney

What If I Have Birds In My Chimney?

If you have birds in your chimney, do NOT try to smoke them out! Trying to smoke out birds is not just inhumane, it’s also ineffective and can leave you with a dead bird problem. If there are babies inside they won’t be able to fly out. Additionally, some birds, like the Chimney Swift, are federally protected, which means removing or harming them is a crime.

Swift being held in hands after removal

If you do have Chimney Swifts in your chimney, you’ll need to wait for them to leave of their own accord (they typically fly to South America for the winter) and equip your chimney with a proper cap to prevent them from coming back next year.

Why Do Birds Nest In Homes & Businesses?

Birds oftentimes choose to nest in homes and businesses because they offer a sturdy, cozy, and safe place to nest, away from the elements and predators. Chimney Swifts love chimneys because they prefer to nest on vertical surfaces, and those types of surfaces aren’t always readily available anymore. So when a chimney is available and doesn’t have a cap to keep birds out, or a hole in a roof is big enough to allow birds to enter with nesting materials, it’s kind of a no-brainer for them. Would you turn down a hotel to sleep in a tent?

I’m Not Interested In DIY – How Can Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. Help Eradicate My Bird Problem?

When you need fast and effective bird removal services, you can count on us. Whether you have a nest full of birds or a single bird flying through your home or office, we have the tools, techniques, equipment, and experience to humanely and effectively remove the winged culprit. Our team has years of experience with humane wildlife control and removal, so you can count on us to provide fast and effective service with knowledge and care.

We travel throughout the greater Oakland County, MI area to humanely capture and remove birds from the homes and offices of our neighbors. Birds usually nest near easy access holes that are large enough for them to fly out of and to carry nesting materials into, so we’ll thoroughly inspect your home or business, looking for areas like this where birds might possibly be gaining access to your home or property. Once the birds are removed, we can seal up these areas to prevent birds from nesting in your home or office in the future.

To request a bird removal service with one of our certified and licensed professionals, please give us a call at 248-403-8167 or fill out our online appointment request form. We’re here to help!


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