Bats Or Other Wildlife in the Attic of Your St. Clair County, MI, Home? We can Help!


Bat guano can be a serious health hazard, and you wouldn’t believe the damage these little flying creatures can do to your home. If you think you may have a bat problem or other wildlife problem in your St. Clair, Marine City, Capac, East China, Emmett, Port Huron, or Marysville home, the time to call is ASAP.

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Dealing with a wildlife issue in your home or on your property?

Bats are one of our specialties, but they’re not our only specialty. Here at My Bat Guy, we also remove squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, and birds. And we don’t just remove them for our neighbors in St. Clair — we also work to keep them out of your homes for good. 

You see, our services are comprehensive, and include an inspection of the area to check for entry-points. We identify how the animals are getting in so we can seal up those spaces and keep them out for good in the future. In fact, we warranty all of our work for a year and warranty our prevention services for a lifetime. 

We’ve been doing this work humanely and effectively for a decade, and we’re proud to be licensed with the Department of Natural Resources, as well as a preferred contractor of many insurance companies. 

When you need wildlife removal and prevention services that really work, without exposing you or your family to toxins, poisons, or other dangerous and inhumane methods of removal, you can count on My Bat Guy.

St. Clair County Wildlife Removal & Restoration Services

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Bats can be noisy, destructive, and of course, dangerous because of diseases and the toxic nature of guano. But from capturing and removing bats and bat colonies to getting rid of their toxic guano and sanitizing the attic space, we do it all.

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Noticing mice or rat droppings? Hearing scratching in the walls? Finding holes in your pantry items? End the nightmare for good with our mice and rat removal and prevention services. We’ll keep them out for good.

raccoon in house

This little destructive masked bandit can do a whole lot of damage to your property, especially if they get into your home or attic. But not to worry – we’ll humanely capture and relocate them so you can feel safe again.

bat removal tech during attic restoration

Has wildlife destroyed your attic’s insulation, drywall, wiring, or HVAC system? We can help. We’re licensed builders with decades of construction experience, and we can fully restore and sanitize your attic. It’ll be like you never had a wildlife problem!

Fox Squirrel sitting on wood ledge

Are squirrels somehow getting into your attic? We’ll find out how they’re getting in, safely and humanely remove them, and seal up those entry points to prevent future problems with them.

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Whether you have a single bird in your home, a nest of birds in your chimney or attic, or bird issues on some other troublesome area of your property, we can help. We’ll humanely capture them and provide you with an effective solution designed for your specific bird issue.

Why You Can Expect the Best Service With My Bat Guy

So, why should you expect the very best service when you work with us? Because: 

  • We’re experienced. We have 10 years of experience with wildlife removal and we’re licensed builders with decades of construction experience. Whether we’re removing a family of raccoons from your attic or replacing damaged drywall and insulation, you can count on us to do the job quickly and correctly, using the best techniques. 
  • We’re licensed with the Department of Natural Resources. We know how to handle wildlife and where to safely relocate them.
  • We only use humane methods of removal. No one wants to worry about dangerous poisons in their homes or worry about how the wildlife will be removed from their properties. With My Bat Guy, you can rest easy because all of our methods are safe for you and your family and humane for the animals.
  • We work with insurance companies. Attic restoration can be expensive, but we’ll work with your insurance company to get the costs covered.
  • We’re here for you 24/7. Not every wildlife removal issue can wait, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services throughout the state of Michigan.

We’re Proud to Serve All of St. Clair County

If you live anywhere in the following zip codes, cities, or towns, you can count on My Bat Guy when you need effective, humane wildlife removal and prevention services:

Algonac, Allenton, Anchorville, Avoca, Capac, Emmett, Fair Haven, Goodells, Harsens Island, Jeddo, Marine City, Marysville, Mephis, North Street, East China, Fort Gratiot, Port Huron, Columbus, Casco, Smiths Creek, St. Clair, Yale

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To get your wildlife problem taken care of, call My Bat Guy today!

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