Wildlife Removal Services in Huron County, MI

When squirrels, bats, birds, and other critters get inside, they can damage your home and cause health issues for you and your family. Keep your home and family protected with our effective wildlife removal and prevention services. It’s what we do best in Ubly, Port Hope, Bay Port, Pigeon, Owendale, Elkton, Kinde, Sebewaing, Pointe aux Barques, Harbor Beach, Bad Axe, Caseville, Port Austin, and beyond!

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We Are Licensed Wildlife Experts

A peaceful evening can quickly go south when you hear scratching or thumping in the attic and garbage cans overturning. But we can help restore the peace in your home and on your property.

We’re licensed wildlife control experts serving Huron County and all of Michigan, and we deal with all of the common animal intruders: raccoons, birds, bats, rats, mice, and squirrels. Our methods of capture and removal are humane, and we take the time to assess your entire home and check for entry-points that need to be sealed. In other words, we offer effective, comprehensive solutions that last.

We Humanely Remove all Kinds of Wildlife

What kinds of services can you rely on us to provide?

My Bat Guy - Bat Removal

Bat Removal

We love bats here at My Bat Guy, but we know there’s one place they don’t belong: in our homes. Bats can carry diseases and their guano can cause serious respiratory illness if particles from it are inhaled. If you have a bat problem – where it’s a single bat or a colony – we can help by humanely capturing them, relocating them, and sealing up your space.

My Bat Guy - Mice Removal

Mice & Rat Removal

Maybe you initially only spotted one little mouse and you tried some DIY methods, like the old catch-and-release peanut butter trap. The trouble is, these methods often don’t work to keep mice out long-term – and where there’s one mouse, there’s always more. Let us help by humanely removing the rodents and mice/rodent proofing your home.

My Bat Guy - Racoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Is garbage cleanup a part of your morning routine? Do you hear footsteps in your attic that have to be from an animal bigger than a squirrel? A masked bandit may be to blame. Raccoons can cause real problems for homeowners, but we can help by humanely removing and relocating them.

My Bat Guy - Attic Restoration

Attic Restorations

Bats and raccoons can cause the most attic damage, but really any wildlife in your attic can cause issues. For one, many carry rabies, parasites, fleas, and other unpleasant things that can threaten your safety and comfort. Secondly, they can destroy insulation, drywall, ductwork, and wiring, and leave feces and urine all over the place. We’ll take care of it. We sanitize attic spaces and have the construction skills and knowledge to fully restore attics to their pre-wildlife glory.

My Bat Guy - Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in your attic driving your nuts? Let us help. We have the methods and equipment needed to capture these scurriers and remove them from your home. And since we take the time to identify entryways and seal up the space, we can help prevent future issues as well.

My Bat Guy - Bird Removal

Bird Removal

If you hear birds in your attic, chimney, or anywhere else in your home, you may be wondering how they heck they got in. Not to worry. We’ll humanely capture and remove them from your home, of course. But we’ll also look for entry-points and seal up any openings that may have allowed the birds in.

Why Your Neighbors Have Trusted Us for a Decade

Here’s why your neighbors in Huron County have trusted us with their wildlife issues and attic restorations for the last decade:

  • We’re licensed builders with the knowledge and experience to safely and correctly restore attics and seal entry-points.
  • We’re licensed wildlife control experts with the Department of Natural Resources.
  • We use humane methods of removal so you can feel good about what we’re doing. And we never bring toxic substances or poisons into your home or onto your property, so you can rest assured you and your family and pets are safe.
  • We work with insurance companies to get attic restoration costs covered.
  • We provide emergency 24/7 bat removal services.

We’re Here for You When You Need Us, Wherever You Are in Huron County

Is there a wildlife issue we can help you with? If you’re in any of the following zip codes, towns, or cities in Huron County, we’re just a phone call away: 

Bad Axe, Filion, Harbor Beach, Kinde, Port Austin, Port Hope, Ruth, Ubly, Bay Port, Caseville, Elkton, Owendale, Pigeon, Sebewaing

48413, 48432, 48441, 48445, 48467, 48468, 48470, 48475, 48720, 48725, 48731, 48754, 48755, 48759

For wildlife removal and prevention services you can trust to work, request a quote today!

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