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When animals gain access to your Michigan attic and make it their home — whether long-term or temporary — they can do extensive damage. Bats and raccoons are particularly destructive, leaving large piles of bat guano and raccoon feces, removing and defecating on insulation, tearing drywall, ripping up ductwork, chewing at wiring, and leaving urine stains throughout the space. Of course, these animals are also known to sometimes carry rabies, parasites, fleas, and other things you simply don’t want to be exposed to. But what can you do once you’ve had these unwanted house guests humanely removed? Ask us about our attic restoration services!

Yes, we’re wildlife control and removal experts, but we also know construction. We’re fully licensed contractors here in the state of Michigan and we have decades of construction experience. We know what it takes to restore a structure and what methods and products should be avoided when restoring attics.

When you have Bat Removal & Prevention’s team of experts on the job, you can count on us to take care of everything. We’ll remove guano and feces, disinfect the area, and replace insulation, drywall, and any other damaged materials. We’ll also identify areas that need to be sealed to prevent future animal invasions, from the tiniest 3/8” gap to larger holes and gaps.

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Rodent/Bat Waste Accumulation in Attic
Technician in the process of cleaning up attic after waste removal
Technician's hand holding hose as new insulation is added to attic after waste removal and clean up

What’s The Attic Restoration Process Like?

What’s the attic restoration process like? First things first, we have to make sure all animals are removed or we’ll only need to come back and perform restoration work again. We’ll start with a home inspection and, should we find any animals, we’ll humanely remove them from the attic and relocate them to a designated release site. Once the animals have been removed, we can get to work restoring the attic and making sure it’s protected against future visitors.

  1. Removing Bat Guano & Feces From The Attic — Wildlife feces is harmful, which is why it’s imperative that you have any and all feces contained and removed properly. Our team will use expert equipment and proven techniques to remove all guano/waste, safely contain and dispose of it, and begin the disinfecting process. We’ll clean all surface areas of bacteria and other hazards using effective, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic antimicrobial disinfectants. We also offer spot cleaning services when the damage is minor and contained to one area.
  2. Insulating & Restoring The Attic — We’ll repair or replace any damaged drywall, wiring, flashing, vents, and ductwork, as well as all affected or damaged insulation. Next, we’ll blow in or lay down new insulation.
  3. Sealing Entry Points & Animal/Bat-Proofing The Attic — Once everything has been fully restored and cleaned, we’ll identify entry points and seal them properly so that bats, raccoons, and other animals don’t wander into your attic again.

Within a few days, you’ll be able to get back to your life, without worrying about animal intruders or the hazards associated with them.

I Need Insulation

Does your attic restoration also need to be re-insulated? We can help with our insulation services whether animals have ruined your current insulation or you’ve never had insulation to begin with. Call us today to get a quote!

Will My Insurance Company Cover Attic Restoration Costs?

Many times, homeowners’ insurance companies will cover the animal removal and attic restoration costs so you’re not paying for everything out of pocket. As the preferred contractor for many homeowners’ insurance companies, we’ll work with you and your insurance company to ensure you pay as little money as possible.

If you’ve had raccoons, bats, or other animals in your attic, give us a call. You may not need a full restoration, but from large to small, there’s no attic restoration we can’t handle. We’ll inspect the entire attic, identify and document damage with photos, and let you know what our recommendations are. We warranty all of our attic restoration work and we guarantee your satisfaction at the end of a job. Request a quote today by calling 248-403-8167. We’re here to help!

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Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. believes there are many reasons for you to choose us, starting with our years of experience in the humane removal of mice, rats, squirrels, birds, raccoons and bats from your home or commercial property.

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