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Few things can make your home or office as unpleasant and uncomfortable to be in as a rodent infestation. Mice, rats, and other rodents make scurrying noises throughout the day and night and they can quickly destroy your home or commercial property. But what can you do? First things first: you need to confirm that your problem is indeed rodent-related.

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What Are The Signs Of A Rodent Infestation?

Here are the top signs of a rodent infestation:

  • Rats and rodents like to chew and gnaw away at things. Check insulation, cables, and wiring for chew marks.
  • Walk the property and check for holes in the yard, gnawed-on plants and vegetation, downed trees in rivers and streams, and caving in ponds.
  • Listen for scurrying or scratching sounds in the attic, walls, basement, and throughout the house or office.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for mice or rats. They may actually run across the room right in front of you.
  • Look for rodent droppings. Mice and rat droppings look like little pellets.
  • Check for urine stains.

What’s the verdict? Do you have a rodent infestation? If so, we can help. We humanely remove a variety of rodents, so no matter what critter is at the root of your problems, you can count on us.

What Types Of Rodents Are Common Here In Michigan?

The most commonly found rodents here in the state of Michigan include these:

  • Rats — There are two types of rats commonly found in Michigan: Roof Rats and Norway Rats. Roof Rats are typically found in trees, attics, and other areas of the home or business. Norway Rats prefer to avoid heights by living in the basement or sewer system.
  • Mice — Mice can take up residence in pretty much any space in your home or commercial building. They can live in walls, attics, venting, basements, etc.
  • Squirrels — Squirrels commonly make their way into attics and can be a real nuisance. Learn more about the types of squirrels we have here in Michigan and the damage they can cause on our Squirrel Removal page.
  • Groundhogs — Groundhogs typically live in our yards and gardens, under docks, and inside rock walls.
  • Muskrats — Muskrats typically burrow into the walls of ponds and wreak havoc.
  • Beavers — Beavers typically live in our rivers and streams, so if you have water on your property, beavers may be your biggest enemy.

What Kind Of Damage Can Rodents To Do My Home Or Business?

  • Mice, Rats & Squirrels may gnaw at and destroy insulation and even cause fires by chewing away at electrical wires and cables. Likewise, they may leave urine stains and feces throughout your home.
  • Groundhogs, Muskrats & Beavers may stay outside of your home but still cause damage to your property, making holes in the ground, eating up your plants and vegetation, destroying heaters and water pumps, burrowing into the walls of your ponds, eating your fish, flooding your lawn, and even downing trees on your property.

Help! I Have Rodents – What Do I Do?

A rodent problem can quickly lead to extensive property damage and make your home life or work life unpleasant, and since rodents breed very fast, the problem will only grow if it’s not addressed quickly. Mouse traps are messy and inhumane and poisons can be dangerous, especially if you have pets or children. Additionally, when you poison a rodent, you have no idea where it will end up dead — you may end up with dead mice or rats in your vents creating the most awful stench. So what can you do when you have a rodent problem in your home or office? Call on Bat Removal & Prevention.

We provide humane, effective rodent removal and control services and specialize in getting rid of these nuisance animals and keeping them out. We set up humane traps, never using poisons or chemicals that could harm you, your environment, or your pets. With beavers, we set up special barriers around the trees on your property, which prevent them from chewing and downing the trees. We also get rid of the dam, trap the animals, and relocate them so you don’t have to worry about them coming back.

Once the rodents are removed, we can rodent-proof your home and property. We also offer cleanup services, removing droppings, decontaminating your home, and removing urine stains and odors. Additionally, as licensed builders here in the state of Michigan, we can repair any damage done to your home or commercial property.

Why Do I Have Rodents & How Do I Prevent Them From Coming Back?

Rodents, like us, need food, water, and shelter, all of which your home, office, and property can provide. While they do primarily depend on leftover food and crumbs that are readily available in trash cans and cabinets or on floors or countertops, having a rodent infestation doesn’t necessarily mean you have bad hygiene or need to clean more. You may just simply be conveniently located for rodents and have areas that allow rodents to access the building. Mice only need about a 1/4” crack or space to gain access and can even enter your home or office through pipes in the structure.

Once they are removed, the best way to make sure rodents don’t return is to have our experienced and licensed team rodent-proof your home and property. We’ll seal up any areas that could allow rodents to access your home or business and make sure you’re protected against future problems.

We also offer a Preventive Maintenance Program. When you enroll, we’ll come out and re-inspect your home or business twice a year, resealing any areas that require resealing at no additional cost to you.

If you have a rodent problem and live or work in MacombLansingBrightonAnn ArborFentonGrand BlancLapeerRochesterOxfordClarkston, Bloomfield, or the greater Oakland County area, give Bat Removal & Prevention a call today at 248-403-8167. We specialize in rodent removal and have years of experience resolving even the biggest rodent infestation problems. Rodents can carry diseases and destroy property and they aren’t the types of animals you want sharing your abode with you. Don’t waste another second, let us take care of it! We’ll send out one of our humane rodent trap and removal experts ASAP so you can get back to enjoying your commercial or residential property.

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