Have Bats In Your Home?

Learn how you can remove them, and how to keep the out permanently.

Have you seen bats flying around your home? Or do you suspect that you may have some hiding throughout the house? No matter the situation, our team can help you!

7 Common Bat Questions & the Answers Your Need to Know

Q1. How to Get Rid Of Bats In Your Attic

Bats in your attic can quickly become a complicated issue. Usually they don’t relocate without some effort on your part. Once they find an entry point in your house, they usually will utilize that space for years to come unless it is sealed and all other potential entry points are discovered and sealed as well. Between guano damage and bats working their way down your walls, you need immediate solutions as soon as you detect a problem.

Q2. Bats In Your Basement?

Having bats in your basement is typical an issue that originated in your attic. In a majority of the cases we get calls for, the bats end up working their way down the wall to get warm. They follow the heat source and as they do so, they often end up at the base of your main floor. You can hear them scratching the walls or the ceiling, trying to burrow down.

Usually if you hear them on your ceiling, it is just a matter of time before they end up working themselves all the way down and out your basement. Getting one or two bats in your basement is usually a sign of a much bigger problem in your attic.

Q3. Bats In Your House?

The first thing you want to do is get the bat out of your house. Start by opening up any window near by and remain covered. If you have bats in your house, they will use echolocation to look for a way out. We do suggest at this point, if you are not able to find protective equipment, call our emergency bat removal service. Bats infect humans with rabies more than any other animal. So caution is very important.

If you would like to proceed with removing the bat yourself doing the following,

  1. Open up doors and windows.
  2. Walk toward the bat with a towel or a sheet extended.
  3. Try to “motivate” the bat to fly.
  4. The bat will use its echolocation ability to find any open area.
  5. Once the bat has left your home, close up windows and doors.
  6. Inspect all possible entry points. Usually around your attic access hole or basement.
  7. Call a Professional Bat Removal company to come and inspect your home’s exterior and attic areas.

Q4. Bats In Your Chimney?

Getting bats out of your chimney is a complicated project. Usually it consist of two main access points. The first is the obvious area, your chimney opening. When you have bats in your chimney, a primary area of attic is to purchase a chimney cap. They can be found at your local hardware store and are usually pretty inexpensive.

Get Rid of Bats

The next area to look for access points are within the actually brick work. Often near the intersection of your homes framing and siding with-in chimney. You will need to spot out small holes around 3/8ths of an inch or larger. Once they get in, it is difficult to get them out doing a DYI job.

bat infestation

The main thing to remember is that bats are territorial so that any solution must preserve the bat and prevent them from re-entry. To do this you want to purchase one way bat doors so that bats can exit your home through the holes they created and not enter back in. Usually after 2 to 3 weeks they have left and you can seal the home, preventing them from nesting any longer.

Q5. How To Catch A Bat?

Many of these tips with sound repetitive. Thats because the principles for removing bats are usually consistent. The methods by which those principles are applied may change depending on the circumstance. When trying to catch a bat, it is important (as previously stated) that you wear protective gear such as a coat, thick gloves and all exposed skin is covered. Bats have a huge rate of human rabies infections.

So it is important you have the proper gear before attempting removal. If you are uncomfortable and do not wish to perform this removal on your own, contact us at 248.256.5271 and we can either come the same day or within 24 hours in you’d like help.

  1. Proper clothing.
  2. Open a window or exterior door.
  3. Motivate the bat by using a broom on a flat surface use a plastic bowl to trap it and get the lid or some other flat item to cover the bowl before taking the bat outside.
  4. Once the bat has been removed from the home, close all doors and windows. The bat will usually relocate or enter back in through your attic.
  5. Contact a licensed wildlife removal company immediately to see the extent of damage going on inside your attic and home exterior.

Q6. How To Kill A Bat?

Don’t! Bats are protected and any intentional killing will result in a $5000.00 (per bat) fee by the Michigan DNR. Licensed humane bat removal and relocation is the main state approved method for Michigan bat removal.

Q7. How To Get Rid Of Bats Behind Shutters?

bats behind shutters

Bats behind shutters can be a problem. We have found that its usually not a one bat issue. Depending on the location of the shutters, it is only suggested to remove them if you have protected clothing and are on the first floor. Swarming bats on a second story can cause potentially life threatening falls. Furthermore, it may only prove to be a temporary solution. Because they will attempt to find any opening in your home exterior 3/4th an inch or larger. It may create a larger problem if they simply enter into your home through one of those access points.

Steps to Getting Rid of the Bats

Contact a wildlife control company immediately. They have the right equipment to get rid of the bats plus their guano and to completely bat proof your home to prevent further invasions. The good thing about hiring experts for this job is that they will know how to evict all the bats. If you try to seal up your house by yourself you could end up trapping bats inside your home, something that will lead to dead rotting bats inside your vents, besides, it is forbidden by the law in many states. Bats should only be excluded using humane means.

In the event you don’t want to hire a company, we still want your home and family to be protected. See our PDF on getting rid of bats. You will get a link to download our free pdf on detecting a bat infestation with additional tips and resources. Also check out our other FAQ page for more info.


Determine the size of the colony.


Determine the amount of guano damage.


Find all access points.


Create one way bat doors that allow the bats to leave and not return.


Once all bats have vacated the property and are no longer seeking to re-enter, seal all entry points (holes 3/4 an inch or larger).


Remove damaged insulation and inspect insulation for any bat burrows.

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