Have Bats In Your Home?

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Our Scheduling Process

If bats are roosting on your property or in your attic or home, you, your family, and your pets could be exposed to these infection-causing fungal spores, which is just one more reason you don’t just want the bats out, you also want to make sure cleanup is done right.

We work really hard to get you scheduled within just a couple days of your call. These are questions that we will ask in order to best schedule your appointment and prepare a proposal.

  • Where are you located? 
  • Where are the bats located in your home?
  • Pick An Inspection Date
  • Schedule Work

Bat Removal and Prevention came to my house the day after I called them and got rid of my bats right away. I addition, they were incredibly affordable.


What You Can Expect From Us

1. We provide bat removal services for homes throughout Oakland County, as well as parts of Livingston County | Washtenaw County | Macomb County | St. Clair County | Ingham County Shiawassee County | Lapeer County | Genesee County | Huron County | Saginaw County | Wayne County

2. The location of the bats helps us determine how we will remove the bats, as well as give you a better idea for pricing.

3. The first step before any removal or proposal is to properly assess the damage and problem. We work with you to get your inspection scheduled quickly.

4. After the inspection we will be able to give an accurate estimate for the work required:
– remove bats humanely and thoroughly
– relocate them to a location at least 30 miles from the home, so they do not return
– sealing up the entry points
– guano clean up and removal
– any other services your home requires

AWESOME company. Have already recommended them to others. They go the extra mile for their customer. On time, and do what they say they will.