bats behind shutters

So you have some unwanted visitors in your building in the form of bats? There is no need to panic. Unless the bats are a huge colony that has invaded your attic or another area of your house, you can safely get rid of a small number of bats without much hassle. When the number of bats is too huge, you might need to get the services of a reliable wildlife control company so they can safely evict the bats.

When bats get inside your house, they are just looking for a sheltered place to roost and probably raise their young. They are very beneficial too, in that they control the insect population, but the problem is that bats can be quite a nuisance with their constant scratching and chirping, not forgetting the terrible smell and health risks posed by bat guano!

Apart from attics, bats also like seeking shelter behind shutters. Most clients are frustrated by this, so let’s look at some effective ways of getting rid of bats behind shutters. Bat Removal And Prevention Inc. has taken care of bat exclusion procedures around Michigan for quite a while now so you can always contact us when you have a bat problem. We also provide helpful tips so you can handle a bat problem around your homestead, especially in areas where the bats keep coming back and setting up camp.

Things to consider before a DIY bat exclusion process.

-You must always use humane means when getting rid of bats. No poison or any other means that could kill the bats. This is because apart from being protected by the law as endangered species, bats play a key role in the ecosystem.

-It is wise to wait until the young ones are able to fly before embarking on a bat removal process. They mature by some time around mid August, so that is when you can safely ensure that you are rid of all the bats. You most certainly wouldn’t like the smell from dead baby bats, and getting the rotting bats out is much harder than waiting anyway.

-Always wear thick gloves and a face mask when you need to handle bats. They can bite when threatened, why would you want to risk getting rabies? Also, stay protected when you clean up their droppings. Safety is key!

How to get rid of bats behind shutters.

There are methods which are a bit slow but are worth a shot.

1. Use bat repellents.
You might take advantage of the fact that bats have a keen sense of smell. Some chemicals such as napthalene used in mothballs have a sharp smell that may discourage the bats from roosting behind your shutters. Place some around and between the spaces in your shutters then wait for a few days to see if the method works. You might also use some sticky bird repellents between the shutter slats. It just might discourage them.
The pro is that the method may work after some time, but the con is that the bats may get used to the smell and continue roosting. Another disadvantage is that it may cause a new problem, with the bats migrating to a new area in your house. Remember, even a fully grown bat needs about 0.5 cm of space to get inside your house!

2. Use light.
Shine a strong light under the shutters to discourage the bats from settling there. It is not a very reliable method due to the disadvantages mentioned above. The bats may get used to the light or they may relocate to a new spot in your house.

One of the trusted methods that you can use to get rid of bats is by manually getting down to business.

Step 1. Get a ladder, thick gloves and a face mask. Be careful however, if the bats are roosting behind the shutters in a window that is very high. Flying bats could come at you in large numbers and you might panic and lose your footing.

Step 2. You have 3 options here:

– You could decide to completely remove the shutters so the bats have no place to roost when they return.

– You could also prop the shutters slightly away from the house by a few inches. The bats were roosting in the space because it was offering them a shelter away from the elements, so the gap will definitely deny them this comfort. They will then migrate to another place.

– Another option is to caulk the shutters to the wall after placing a screen behind the louvres. The method will ensure that no bats can get behind the shutters by completely sealing off any point of entry.

When wanting to know how to get rid of bats behind shutters is quite a simple process, but if you have any enquiries it is best that you contact a company that deals with bat removal. It is always recommended that you take up the task if you are sure that you can avoid any accidents or over exposure to bat guano. If you live in the State of Michigan get in touch with Bat Removal and Prevention Inc. Apart from answering your questions, your complex bat problem will be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

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One of the humane activities that people take up is that they purchase and install bat houses for the bats to migrate to instead of roosting in their homes. It could bring about extra costs but it is way cheaper than moving houses, and the peace you get when there is no constant scratching against your walls is priceless. Call us to see if a bat house would be right for your area.

Once bats have been excluded, it is best that a clean up process follows. We had mentioned earlier that bats have an excellent sense of smell. They would know a place where they had roosted before based on the smell so they will keep coming back every season. Clean the area and completely disinfect it.

We cannot completely avoid bats or kill them in Michigan, but we can learn some clever tricks to evade the nuisance they bring. Whether you choose to DIY or contact us for help with bat removal, there is always a way to go about dealing with these flying mammals in a humane manner

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