4 Ways Bats Keep Getting In Your House.

The most common way bat infestations are discovered is that a bat is discovered in the home. Someone is walking around in their home and either finds it flying or tucked away in a corner or a closet.

Getting a bat in your house in no fun. After the homeowner opens the door and chases the bat out, they shut and lock the door hoping the intruder stays out. The assumption at this point is always the same, it got in through an open door or window.

Unfortunately the “issue” resurfaces after a day or two. People will often find bats returning either in the middle of the night or when they return from being gone all day. The obvious questions returns, how in the world did this bat end up back in my house?

So how do bats keep getting in your house? Well we have 4 main ways bats gain entry in our homes. Yes one of them is an open door but that is far less common than you would think.

1) Bats enter your home through your front door or open window.

Getting rid of bats indoors

The first is the obvious way. Bats get in your home through in fact an open door or window. Now this is not the most common way but it is a legit cause of bat entry. If you have a porch light on and it attracts bugs, bats will hang out around or near your front porch at dusk.

They love to eat bugs and in fact, its that very reason we should want to promote healthy bat colonel’s near our homes. But not in them.

So one solution is to simply have multiple lights. Such as landscape lights and garage lights. This promotes a healthy range for bats to fly around and not locating them in or near your front door.

Solution two is to place a higher watt bulb since bats do not like light, they will avoid getting to close.

2) Bats enter your home through your fascia board.

bats getting in fascia board

Your fascia board is a common place of bat entry. The reason is that bats love dark places so fascia board entry points provide that. Remember that bats need less than 3/4” to gain entry. Think of the width of a #2 pencil. It’s pretty amazing actually.

3) Another way bats gain entry is through your chimney.

Bats In Chimney

Bats and other critters gain entry into your house through some obvious places as well such as your chimney. Now many chimney’s come with chimney caps to prevent this sort of thing. Unfortually they can become damaged by storms, hail, tree limbs, and more.

Often we discover this sort of thing around fall and spring. When bats are looking for a temporary home to have babies. It’s not always the easiest entry points but they can have their babies and get them out through the access hole fairly easy.

4) The most common way bats get in your house is through your attic.

bats in attic

Bats love both dark places and elevated locations. Since they need to drop and fly, your attic is a perfect location. With the smallest holes in and around your roof, creates the perfect home. When we go to any home, the first thing we do is look for obvious entry points around your home.

We always peak in your attic because it so common to find bat guano, and bat entry points. So we encourage you to get access to your attic area and either look for evidence of bats, bat guano on insulation, or call someone who can.

We hope this helps. This post is in infographic form too. Click here for bat home infographic.

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