Hear something strange coming from your attic? Notice a foul odor when you peek inside of it? Are your belongings ripped apart or damaged?

This is usually a clear cut sign of wildlife invasion, but it’s not always easy to distinguish what type of animal is wreaking havoc. Well, if it sounds like someone’s up there walking around (think a bunch of thumps, rather raccoon in housethan a scurry), it’s highly likely you have one or possibly many raccoons setting up camp. They’ll also scratch, chirp, and growl, so keep your ears open for it all!

Unfortunately, when it comes to raccoons, they can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so getting them out right away is a must. And the longer you wait, the worse off you’ll be, especially if the raccoon is a momma. The only thing worse than one raccoon is multiple!

And because these mommas typically have anywhere between one and seven babies, you probably want everyone out well before they start gaining weight and making themselves at home.

Learn more about the types of damage they are known for by reading below, then contact us to ensure they are removed safely, humanely, and effectively. At Bat Removal & Prevention, we’re qualified to help you out with everything from removal to clean-up and more!

Tearing Apart Everything in Sight

Raccoons have sharp claws, so it’s easy for them to break into things all throughout your attic. Combine this with a can-do attitude and a desire to explore, and you’ve got yourself a disaster waiting to happen.

Some of the shenanigans they’re known for are ripping apart insulation, damaging furniture, tearing apart storage boxes, breaking into ductwork, and chewing electrical wires, but that’s just a few of many. And because they have those sharp claws mentioned above, it’s easy for them to climb and explore meaning their boundaries are seemingly endless.

Along with all that, the shape and function of their paws give them the ability to manipulate door handles and latches. They can open a wide variety of containers quite easily, inviting an even bigger mess in your home! And to top it off, their muddy paws will be tracking prints over everything they explore.

All of these things can lead to some serious hazards, such as leaks, electrical fires, water damage, issues with the air conditioning, and lots more. It’s not worth ignoring the problem and finding yourself with hundreds of dollars worth of repairs down the line. Solve the issue now to avoid all that added stress, hassle, and expense. Call on us now to get started.

Setting Up a Living Space

Raccoons are happy to make themselves at home when they find a cozy spot to settle into. This means that, once they’re settled in, they’ll use your attic for breeding, defecating, eating, exploring, and more. And if you leave any food lying around, they’ll feel welcome to that, too. Before you know it, their breeding will lead to babies, and they’ll never want to leave your warm and protected attic again.

What do these actions mean in terms of damage? Well, their urine and feces can quickly ruin your belongings and stink up your living space. Along with this, raccoon waste can carry various diseases with it, including roundworm and the Giardia infection. Both of these bring serious risk should you, your loved ones, or your pets come into contact with it.

All in all, raccoon invasion is something you don’t want to take any chances with. Reach out to our team now for the help you deserve!

Keeping Them Out for Good

Sometimes people ask why raccoons come to their home in the first place. I mean, what’s so great about a dusty old attic? Well, most attics are warm, cozy, and well-protected from the elements and predators, which make them an ideal space for wildlife to birth and raise young. In fact, there’s a good chance that, if a female has found her way in, she’s due to have a litter of babies very soon.

On top of all that, this gives them a closer proximity to garbage cans, kitchens, and other places that hold human food (which they love).

Because of this, it’s vital that, once they’re out, you ensure they stay out for good because they’ll clearly come back the first chance they get! Here’s what you can expect from us in terms of preventive care.

First of all, because killing or harming raccoons is illegal, we take special care to remove them humanely and relocate them to an environment that is much more suitable to their needs. Next, we’ll repair any damage to your attic and do everything we can to restore your space back to normal.

Finally, we’ll seal up your attic space, so the critters won’t have easy access to it again any time soon.

Interested in even more protection? Ask us about our preventive maintenance program. We’ll come back twice a year to check for any new signs of invasion, and if any of our previously sealed areas need some patching up, we’ll fix them free of charge.

From clean up to attic restoration to preventive maintenance, Bat Removal & Prevention has got you covered. Call us now or reach us online to take care of it all!

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