Have you been seeing (or possibly hearing) mice, rats, and/or other rodents scurrying throughout your living space in recent weeks? If so, you may be a two micelittle confused, since pest problems are typically more of a concern in the summer months. After all, don’t these critters tend to go dormant in the winter?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many rodents, and there are actually a lot of reasons why they may be seeking your home as a safe space to spend their winter days and nights. Learn more about why you’re seeing these little fellows more often this time of year, then give our experts a call to get the care and protection you deserve. We’ll have them out in no time, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

They’re Cold

One of the biggest reasons homeowners tend to notice more rats, mice, and other rodents in or near their home during winter is because the critters are looking for a warm space to take shelter in. Like us, these animals would rather be in a warm cozy home when snow and freezing temperatures make an appearance, and if they have easy access to your living space, then they are sure to take advantage of it.

All in all, rodents are year-round pests, they just tend to frequent homes more often when the weather is less than ideal. On a sunny summer day, they aren’t as bothered by sleeping and nesting outside, but when the winds are harsh and the nights are chilly, they are far less likely to survive outside. Because of this, they’ll seek refuge in your home.

They’re Hungry

Another big motivation these pests have for sneaking around your home is more food options. In the winter months, their food sources become scarce, so a pantry with a bunch of bags and boxes that they can easily chew through is just what they need to stay fat and healthy. And they aren’t picky, either! Rats, especially, will eat just about anything they can access, and their fast-growing teeth make it necessary to regularly gnaw on whatever they can.

They Fear Predators

Like we said, food sources become a lot more scarce in the winter, and this goes for other animals, too! Because of this, the creatures that like to eat mice, rats, and the like will be sure to take advantage of every opportunity they can to capture a snack. If these rodents can seek asylum in your home, they’ll be able to sleep, eat, and stay warm, all without the risk of a bigger beast or bird of prey snatching them up.

Are These Pests Dangerous?

Now, these tiny creatures may seem harmless enough, but your home and family could face some serious risks if their numbers get out of control. They’re known for spreading disease and triggering various kinds of illnesses in humans, and if they bite or claw you, your family members, or your pets, there could be some serious health risks associated with that, as well.

Their feces is also notorious for causing illness in people within the household, and their droppings and their urine can cause damage throughout the home by rotting floorboards, staining your walls and ceiling, and breaking down your woodwork.

Rats and mice are also notorious for chewing through wood, insulation, wiring, furniture, storage containers, and more. Their little teeth are incredibly strong, so don’t underestimate them! The repairs that are needed after these events can really put a dent in your bank account, and rodents have even been known to trigger electrical fires after gnawing away on wires. Reduce the risk of experiencing a wide range of damages by getting the care you deserve right away.

Signs Of Rodent Infestation

Are you concerned that unwanted guests are in your home, but just aren’t sure which signs to watch for? Keep your eyes peeled for the following:

  • Dark brown or black droppings.
  • Grease spots or streaks left behind by their oily coats.
  • Gnaw marks throughout the space.
  • Scattered crumbs, left behind after stealing your food.
  • Urine stains on your floors, walls, or ceiling.
  • The critters themselves!

It’s also a good idea to listen for them. They tend to be more active in the nighttime hours, so open your ears and try to listen for any scurrying noises in your walls or coming from your attic.

What To Do If Your Home Has Been Invaded

If it’s been confirmed that rodents are invading your household, then you will want them out as soon as possible to prevent any damages or diseases. The best course of action is to call in a professional wildlife removal team to get the job done right once and for all and, for those in Oakland County and its surrounding cities, the team at My Bat Guy is here for you! We are fully licensed and insured, our experience is extensive, and we only use humane removal techniques.

Along with all that, we offer preventative maintenance services, attic restoration services (we’re licensed contractors, too), and we can effectively seal up your space so that you don’t face problems again anytime soon.

Ready to work with the best? We’re just a quick phone call away. Reach out today!

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