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Bat’s Roosting In Michigan Homes: 3 Helpful Locations To Find Bats.

When it comes to any DIY project, checking your attic for possible bat infestations is critical.  So we want share a couple facts about bats roosting and where to look for them.

1) Bats typically don’t roost in winter months.

So the colder the weather the more likely you will not find them hanging from the rafters but burrowed down into yo installation.

2) Bats prefer to roost near the entry point.

Some of the most common areas bats like to roost are places like carports, gutter areas and soffit vents. So when looking in your home for bats to be roosting, look in areas that seem obvious.

3) Ways to deter bats from roosting. has a helpful pdf on roosting area deterents.

  • Mylar Balloons near roosting area.
  • Tin foil tacked up at the roost so they move in the breeze
  • Curling ribbon
  • Pet spray deterrent (the kind you spray on your furniture to keep dogs and cats off—NOT the kind that has a hot pepper element)
  • Vaseline (or some other slick substance that make gripping the roosting place difficult)
  • Plastic taped over the roosting spot (to make it too slick for their feet to hold on and hang there)
  • Bright lights and fans

So when it comes to bats roosting, it is important to know they don’t always roost, prefer to roost near entry points and can be deterred. 

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