Do you hear some strange noises coming from your attic? If it sounds like someone is walking around up there, chances are you have araccoons raccoon problem. Raccoons are known for causing a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so getting rid of them is likely high on your priority list. Fortunately, the team here at My Bat Guy can help.

Our team is fully equipped to handle all of your raccoon removal needs, but before we started on the how, let’s address why bats love to set up camp in your living space. Most attics are warm, cozy, and well-protected from the elements, which make them an ideal space for wildlife to birth and raise young. There’s a good chance that, if a female has found her way in, she’s due to have a litter of babies very soon.

Because these mommas typically have anywhere between one and seven babies, you probably want everyone out well before they start gaining weight and making themselves at home. Within a couple months, the full litter could easily be moving around and causing trouble throughout your attic space. Not to mention, they will likely soon start making babies of their own!

Attics are also an ideal spot because they are close to garbage cans, kitchens, and other places that hold human food. Raccoons love to scavenge for whatever food they can get, so your home is an ideal spot to land some delicious grub.

Fend Them Off For Good By Relying On Our Team

Now, do-it-yourself raccoon removal isn’t an approach homeowners typically like to take, as these creatures are known to attack when they feel threatened. You could also get rabies or other harmful infections should one bite or scratch you. Because of this, it is advised to keep pets away. Setting up traps is typically effective, but you’ll still need to ensure there are no young on the property. All in all, leaving it to a professional is the best way to get the job done thoroughly and safely.

Because killing or harming raccoons is illegal, we take special care to remove them humanely and relocate them to an environment where they will be much better off. We can also take care of any damage and restore your attic back to normal. Before you know it, your raccoon problems will be a thing of the past!

Once they are out, we will seal up your attic space, so they won’t have easy access to it again any time soon. If you want to do more to prevent them from coming back, avoid putting pet food outside, invest in tight-sealing garbage can lids, and keep your pets inside during the night. Finally, ask us about our preventative maintenance program. We’ll come back twice a year to re-seal any spots that need it, free of charge.

Ready to get started? Talk with our team as soon as you can. Peace of mind is just a quick phone call away!

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