Bat species throughout Michigan are listed on the state’s endangered or threatened species list. This means purposely killing or harming them could actually get you in trouble. If you have a bat in your home, there are safe and humane ways to remove it. We are here to help, and we are here to safely remove them to rebuild the population throughout the state .

White-Nose Syndrome

Why Are Bats Protected In Michigan - Oakland CO MI - Bat Removal & PreventionSo, why has the bat population been declining? Well, the main issue is a disease called white-nose syndrome. This is a condition that affects bats while they are hibernating. There is a certain fungus, known for forming in caves, that causes bats to wake early from hibernation when they are exposed to it. This means they use up their stored fat earlier than they should and can’t survive the harsh conditions of winter.

Why We Need Bats

If you’ve had bats in your home before, you might be wondering why saving these critters is so important. After all, they’re known for spreading disease.  They leave behind harmful guano and destroy parts of the home. We understand the devastation of bats in home, and we agree that attics and crawl spaces are far from ideal places for them to settle down. However, bats are actually really important to the environment!

One thing they do, which benefits us here in Michigan, is eat a significant population of harmful and pesky insects. If you grow crops or live near a wooded area, then this especially impacts you. Bats are natural bug removers, reducing the need for harmful pesticides and sprays. Just one bat can eat up to 1,000 small insect per hour! Now, that’s pretty cool.

Bats also serve a big purpose in pollination. When we refer to bats and their talents, pollinating is usually the last thing people think of, but they actually help various countries grow fruits, flowers, and even cocoa plants. Next time you’re picking out fruit or chocolate at the grocery store, be sure to thank these furry critters for helping!

Finally, bats help disperse seeds for countless plants throughout the world. Many of these can’t spread seeds well on their own, and they would have trouble surviving without the help of these winged creatures. As you can see, bats really make a huge difference throughout the globe!

We Remove Bats Humanely

At Bat Removal & Prevention, we remove bats in a way that is safe for them. Once removed, we set them free in an environment where they can thrive. We also clean and set up your home, so that no bats or other wildlife are able to find their way inside your home. Please call today at 248-403-8167 for more information. We’re eager to serve!

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