Michigan weather tends to follow the same patterns every season. In spring and summer, temperatures rise, in the fall things cool down, and then there’s the snowy, freezing winds of winter. Bats need to adjust to these changes in climate, just like us humans do, so knowing when to watch out for their presence in your home can be a least somewhat predictable.Why Are Bats Protected In Michigan - Oakland CO MI - Bat Removal & Prevention

Right now we’re in the hot season of summer which is also the season of bats here in Oakland County and its surrounding areas. Right now, these critters are out of their caves and seeking out ideal locations to hunker down and raise their young. If you are worried about bats potentially entering your attic or if you already can hear them scurrying around up there, don’t hesitate to give our experts a call. We’ll get them out safely, so you can rest easier in the months ahead!

Why My Attic?

So, why is your attic the perfect spot for bats to settle? Well, for one thing, it’s warm and cozy, so they know they’ll stay nice and protected, even throughout the colder nights. It also provides a strong and solid roof over their heads, ensuring rainfall and bad storms won’t cause any harm to themselves or their babies.

Finally, predators are less likely to track them down if they are in the comfort of someone else’s home. Many of their threats do not want to come anywhere near humans, so hiding out somewhere in a residential neighborhood lowers their risk of being eaten significantly.

Will They Leave In The Winter?

So, what happens when winter weather comes back around? Will the critters then leave on their own once their babies grow up? Unfortunately, this isn’t typically the way things go. Due to a massive decrease in bug and insect population, bats slow their bodies down and hibernate throughout the winter months.

Because of this, they will most likely stay put, since your attic offers a warm and well-protected spot to sleep for weeks or months on end. You may think a sleeping bat would be easier to catch, but keep in mind that the less active they are, the harder they are to find. You could have one roosting somewhere and not even know it!

If you have a bat problem, we strongly advise that you tackle it now, so you can breathe easier in the colder months that are soon approaching. Bats are important for the environment, but the last thing any homeowner wants is a colony of them living somewhere in their attic or crawlspace.

We Can Seal Your Home

The best way to guarantee bats stay out of your home for good is to seal up any potential entry points. Many times, bats will try and come back to your space, even after removal, so finding spots that they can get it and blocking them off is a must. Our team specializes in this, so you can rest easier knowing you are good to go for the long haul.

Want even more protection? Ask us about our preventative maintenance plan. We’ll reinspect your home twice a year, so you know there’s never anything to worry about. Reach out today, and we can get started!

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