Do you hear strange noises in your attic? The scitter-scurry of different types of wildlife can leave you feeling a bit unsettled. Fortunately for folks throughout Oakland County, the team at My Bat Guy is here to help. That being said, many folks assume we only remove bats, which isn’t the case at all! We are actually qualified to get rid of a wide range of rodents and wildlife. Learn more below.


rat eating nutsRats, mice, and similar critters can cause significant damage to your space, despite their size. These critters chew up wiring, ruin your insulation, and their droppings can wreak havoc on your floorboards. Catching rodents in a safe and humane way is challenging, and many homeowners find themselves unsure on how to move forward.

If this is the case for you, turn to our crew today! We remove mice, rats, beavers, groundhogs, and more, and no one will get hurt throughout the process. We can also help you keep them out for good, so you can stress less down the line. Call today to learn more.


Removing birds from your attic or chimney can be a feat, especially if they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, like the chimney swift. Killing or harming an endangered creature can land you with some hefty fines, and it can have repercussions on our environment, too. All in all, leaving this job to a professional who can safely remove the birds, then relocate them, is always a good route to take. Ready to make the chirping go away for good? Our team is a phone call away.

Squirrels & Raccoons

Both squirrels and raccoons can be difficult (and scary) to remove, which is why many homeowners opt-out of do-it-yourself options and turn straight to the pros. Our team is equipped to get these critters out, and we can seal up your space afterward ensuring they stay out in the future. Still feeling worried? Talk to us about our preventive maintenance program.


This goes without saying, but bat removal is one of our specialties. If you have bats in your attic, figuring out the safest and most effective way to remove them may take a lot of time and research. If you would rather tackle the problem quickly and leave it behind you, then count on our crew to help you out. We remove bats, and we can also clean and sanitize your space, ensuring bat guano doesn’t stick around and cause problems for your home and family.

Need help at night? No problem. We’re here for you 24/7. When your home is invaded by unwanted guests, don’t wait to ask for help. Depend on our licensed team today!

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