Bats can cause severe damage in your attic. They chew up wires, ruin insulation, and defecate throughout the area while causing stains, smells, and corrosion. But this wear and tear isn’t all you have to worry about. The presence of bats in the home can actually affect the health of you and your loved ones, as well!

One of bigger things you’ll need to watch out for is histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is an infection in your lungs formed as you breath in fungal spores associated with bat guano (or bat droppings). Histoplasmosis can cause some big health problems, especially in infants and the elderly, and it is especially dangerous for those with weakened immune systems. This infection can be life-threatening, so if bat droppings are present in your home, do all you can to avoid any contact with them.

Signs & Symptoms

If you fear you or someone you know has histoplasmosis, there are signs and symptoms you can keep an eye out for. Unfortunately, the milder cases rarely show obvious signs and, when they do, it can take days before they show up. That being said, the following issues can often be linked with this type of infection: fever, chills, rash, joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, dry cough, trouble breathing, impaired vision, and chest pains.

How Can I Spot Bat Droppings?

The best way to avoid histoplasmosis is to avoid bat guano altogether. This means you have to be able to spot it in the first place! Bat droppings are small and will usually be piled together, rather than scattered throughout the area. They are also normally shiny or speckled and will easily crumble if disturbed.

If you notice bat guano in your home, do not touch it! Your best bet will be to call in a qualified professional who knows how to properly handle and dispose of the droppings. If you need assistance, the team at Bat Removal & Prevention can help you out! We have the protective gear and proper equipment necessary for safely removing bat guano.  We can also thoroughly inspect to ensure all bats are gone from the premises, too. For the best service around, count on us from the start!

Keeping Bats Away For Good

When you work with our experienced and licensed team, you can rest easy knowing that bats and other wildlife won’t be back in your life anytime soon. We can restore your attic to its original state, then seal off any potential entry points. You can even sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Program, allowing you the peace of mind you deserve year after year!

Learn more by visiting us online, then give us a call with any questions, concerns, or scheduling needs. We’re ready and willing to help you out soon!

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