Bats in the attic present various problems for the homeowners who have to deal with them. Along with being noisy, chewing wires, tearing up insulation, and causing other types of destruction to your attic and furniture, they also leave behind some unpleasant odors and dangers in the form of bat guano.

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About Bat Guano

Bat guano is simply another term for bat feces. Knowing the facts about guano and how it could potentially harm you and loved ones is important. Because it could be harmful, it is alwaysWhat is Bat Guano - Oakland CO MI - Bat Removal & Prevention recommended to call on an expert team like the crew here at Bat Removal & Prevention to take care of the task.

Bat guano is small, dark, and pellet-shaped, similar to that of mouse droppings. When discovered, it is usually found in piles, and it will also typically be shiny or speckled. This is due to the wings of insects that were consumed by the bat, but not broken down in the digestive process. Bat guano will also crumble easily when touched, although we highly advise against touching anything until you put on gloves.

Dangers Of Bat Guano

There are various ways in which bat guano causes dangers to both your health and your home. First of all, humans that are exposed to guano are at risk of developing histoplasmosis, which is caused by the fungal spores in the feces. Histoplasmosis can affect people in various ways, and it is a lot more likely to occur in those with weakened immune systems, such as older adults, infants, and those already suffering from another disease or illness.

Symptoms of histoplasmosis are similar to that of the flu and can include a fever, chills, dry cough, headaches, muscle aches, and just a lot of overall discomfort. In some cases, a rash could form, as well. No matter the issues at hand, histoplasmosis needs to be treated by a medical professional and, while it is not typically life-threatening, it can take a serious toll on one’s health when not promptly addressed.

Bat guano also poses threats to your home’s structure. It’s known for being quite corrosive, and it can break down even the strongest materials in your home, like wood and metal. Along with this, insects are often drawn to it, meaning you could face damage from other creatures, as well. All in all, the structural integrity of your living space will become more compromised with the more guano you have, so having it addressed and removed as quickly as possible is incredibly important.

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