If you have some unwanted pests or wildlife in your home, and you’re wondering if the team at My Bat Guy can help, chances are we can!two mice We remove all kinds of critters and, throughout these colder months ahead, you’re a lot more likely to spot some rodents running through the household. Let us help you get them out in a safe and humane way.

Anxious to hear the specifics of what exactly we can remove? Get some info below!

Rodent Removal

If you’re noticing some gnawed wiring, chewed up insulation, smelly droppings, and more, then you likely have a rodent problem. Luckily, our team can remove them all, so they don’t set up camp for the long winter months ahead! Your cozy attic lends a great environment for settling down, building nests, and producing young, so it’s a good idea to call us in now before things get any worse.

What types of rodents can we relocate for you? Squirrels, rats, mice, groundhogs, muskrats, and beavers all make the list! Stop these creatures from destroying your home this holiday season. Stay ahead of the game and give our team a holler. We’re here to serve you!

Bird Removal

If you hear some chirping and flapping of wings in your home, business, or chimney, then some birds are probably hiding out somewhere, hoping to set up a cozy place to rest on a cold day. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of problems and some big messes. If you’d like some guidance on bird removal or just want our team of experts to handle it all, then reach out to us right away, and we’ll get you taken care of.

Many try to opt for do-it-yourself bird removal, and we urge you to be cautious when taking this approach, as some birds, like the chimney swift, are federally protected. This means you could be fined if you hurt or kill them! If you’d like to take a more stress-free route, put the problem in our hands today.

Bat Removal

As you have likely guessed from our name, bat removal is where we really excel. Bats are great for the environment, as they remove thousands of bugs and mosquitos every single year. Our state would be overpopulated with moths, flies, beetles, and more if bats weren’t around to eat them! That being said, you probably don’t want them using your home as a living space – we don’t blame you!

We can get rid of any bats in your home before the holidays arrive in full swing, and we’ll relocate them, so they can thrive naturally in a more suitable environment. We can also seal up potential entry points, so you don’t have to worry about them (or any other rodents or birds) coming back again any time soon.

Did your pest problem leave your attic in shambles? We can take care of that, too, with our attic restoration services. We truly handle it all! Call today to learn more.

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