If you own a home in Oakland County, you may have utilized our services in the past. However, did you know we serve businesses throughout the area, too? If you own or manage a company nearby, let us know! We can ensure you stay rodent-free for the long haul.

No matter what products or services you are selling, rodent infestation can be an unsettling experience, and it makes customers wary of coming back down the line. Take the stress off the situation by working with the team at Bat Removal & Prevention from the very start. We’ve got your back through it all!

Signs Of Unwanted Visitors

If you’re concerned that mice or other rodents have started setting up camp in your business, there are some clear cut signs that this may be true. Droppings and urine stains are typically the first thing people notice. Look in closets or throughout the kitchen area of the establishment if you are worried about an invasion.

You’ll also note that rodents are always gnawing, so gnaw marks on your floors, walls, wiring, furniture, insulation, and more indicate you likely have some guests in your business that you’ll need to get rid of soon. And if you’re looking closely enough, you may even see the creatures themselves!

Your other senses can also help you spot a pest problem. Listen for scurrying, scratching, or scraping sounds through the walls and ceilings. Smell something unpleasant? Better get on the phone with our team right away!

Avoid Damages By Getting In Touch With Our Crew

Whether you’re dealing with mice, squirrels, or even something bigger like groundhogs or beavers, we’re certain we can help you avoid damage. As more pests accumulate, you’ll notice more and more issues throughout your business that you’ll be forced to spend time and money on. The longer you put off removal services, the worse your problems will become.

People who have had rodent invasion in the past have noted things like torn insulation, electrical fires, stains throughout the premises, holes and torn up vegetation, destroyed pumps and water heaters, and more. Some things may seem a bit extreme, but be sure to never underestimate the damage a group of these critters can do! Repair work is shockingly expensive, so don’t take any chances. Be sure to seek help at the first signs of trouble!

Preventative Maintenance

Once you have your pest problems resolved, talk with us about our preventative maintenance program. We’ll stop by a couple times a year to ensure no animals have made their way back onto your property, and we’ll re-seal any areas, as necessary, free of charge. It’s the perfect way to gain that peace of mind you deserve while running your day-to-day operations.

Ready to get started? There’s no time to lose! Schedule an appointment with our licensed and highly qualified team today!

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