If you’re like pretty much everyone else in the world, then you don’t welcome bats or other rodents in your home. Many find these critters unappealing and don’t like the idea of them repopulating in their attic. Fortunately, the staff at Bat Removal & Prevention can help you get rid of any unwelcome guests! But you better call us fast… The longer bats are present in your home, the more damage they’ll do! Learn more below.

Negative Impact Of Guano

One of the most hazardous things bats leave behind is their feces, or guano. If you see or smell what you believe to be bat excrement in your home, you should get on the phone with a professional fast! Urine and feces from bats will stain your walls and ceilings and cause countless forms of damage to wood boards that will need to be repaired or replaced. The entire area will be considered unsanitary and you and loved ones should remain out of it until it can be addressed.

But that’s not all… bat guano is known for being very hazardous to the health of humans who come into contact with it. It triggers the growth of fungus and mold which can make anyone who goes near it very ill. You will have to visit the doctor and figure out treatments in a hurry before things get worse.

To top it all off, bat guano attracts other pests and insects. This means what was just a bat problem has now turned into a lot more. Say hello to various other rodents (mice, rats, and more), as well as bugs (such as cockroaches). Things can go from bad to worse fairly quick… Don’t take the risk – call on the professionals today!

Other Constructional Damage

Now, bat guano sounds pretty bad, but that’s not all bats can do. They mess with other things, too! They can tear apart your insulation, chew on your wiring, scratch and chew up your walls, and lots more. And small issues can turn into big problems fast when gone unacknowledged! Once a bat colony settles in, they have no problem staying put and multiplying. Let us take care of the issue now before things get really bad.

We Can Help With It All!

If bats have wreaked havoc all over your home, we can help you get things back to normal. Once we have humanely removed them, we’ll ensure they can’t get back in anytime soon by blocking off all potential entry points. And we can restore your attic, too! That’s right – our experts are trained to fixed and replace any damage throughout your home. We are your one-stop shop for everything! Give us a call today to learn more, then let us take care of the rest. When you work with us, you get the results you deserve!

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