After searching high and low, we finally came up with our top 5 social media websites for researching all things bat related. We hope you enjoy! This list will grow as the summer moves on but so far we have had a great time checking in with these sites. 

#1 Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation International

About: “BCI is committed to raising awareness and understanding about bats as a valuable and essential ally to our planet and lives. By educating the public, protecting critical bat habitats, and encouraging others to join in our conservation efforts, BCI works to advance the scientific knowledge about bats, their conservation needs, and the ecosystems that rely on them.”

BCI ranks 10 in terms of active post. BCI continues to put out great information regarding bats, bat houses, bat conservation information and much much more. We check for updates on a regular basis and are truly thankful for their efforts.

#2 Bat Conservation Trust

BCT states on their twitter page, “Conserving the world’s bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy planet.” With that passion, how can we not love them.

BCT rates a 10 as well. Again they are super active and always posting great updates around bat conservation efforts and general exposure for the public to see and fall in love with bats.

#3 Bats Rule

Bats Rule FB page says, “AU Queensland WildLife rescuer, educator & protector involved/a member of special interest group(s) and club(s) in Australia Brisbane providing a service to rescue, rehab, release and educate the public at events and internet via pictures, posts or videos.”

Bats Rule is a great community for a broad spectrum of bat related post. They have everything under the sun in Bats Rule and is a great place to get specific tips and updates on wildlife rescuer and educational information.

#4 Bats For Batty

The description on the FB page describes this page as, “If your batty for bats this is the group for you. Feel free to post anything related to bats. Art, information, photos, etc.”

We had first hand experience when we shared one of our previous Michigan Bats blog post. We got constructive criticism and a flood of encouragement. We hope to check in and contribute value to this community in the years to come. Great group posting everything from pictures of bats to bat mugs. If you love bats, this is your group!

#5 #BatsOfInstragram


This one is a bit more unusual because it’s not a specific page but a hashtag. #batsofinstragram has well over 4000 photos and many of them are high quality pictures of our friendly critters. So if you’re looking for the most updated photos in high res, check out #batsofinstragram.

This is evergreen content so be looking out for the list to grow in weeks and months to come. But we are excited to launch with this first top 5 list. They deserve it and produce great content or have a great group. We are excited for the direction of each of these sites.

Let us know if you have a suggestion by emailing your groups and/or sites to us at

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