The haunted houses of Halloween are known for hosting a few bats, rats, mice, and other creepy critters, but the time for spooky-themed homes is over for the year. Now, as people decorate their households with lights, Christmas trees, snowmen, and other holiday decor, the last thing they want to spot is some type of wildlife in their living space.

batIf you’re concerned about unwanted visitors ruining your holiday parties and your special time with family, then the time to call us in is now. We can get you set up right in no time so that you can enjoy your Christmas holiday to the fullest. Learn more about all of the services we offer below.

Bat & Guano Removal

Because temperatures are dropping and food is becoming more scarce, bats in our neck of the woods need to go into hibernation to survive the winter months. Unfortunately, your attic lends an ideal spot to hunker down and stay warm, which is why many homeowners tend to spot them more often this time of year.

A few bats sleeping in your rafters may not seem like such a huge issue, but bigger problems can arise before you know it. A couple of these guys can turn into a lot in a hurry, and soon your space will be filled with stains and bad odors. Along with this, bats are known to tear up insulation, chew wiring, and their droppings can cause your floorboards to rot.

There’s also the issue of bat guano, or feces, which is harmful to your home and your health. It is known to cause something called histoplasmosis, which can lead to serious health risks for those with already weakened immune systems. If you have guano in your home, it is highly recommended that you invest in professional removal services. The team here at Bat Removal & Prevention has the equipment and protective gear necessary for removing this substance safely and efficiently. Call today to get our crew on the job.

Wildlife Removal

Now, bats are obviously our specialty, but they aren’t all we remove. We can also get rid of any rodents, such as mice, rats, or squirrels, as well as birds and raccoons. We’ve even handled the removal of beavers, groundhogs, and muskrats! All of these animals can wreak havoc on your space in a hurry, and they can trigger health issues for family members, too. If you spot them in your space, then there’s no time to lose – reach out to our team now!

Along with this, we’ll ensure all entry points are effectively sealed up so that no creatures can work their way back in any time soon. All in all, once we’re through, you’ll be left with the peace of mind and satisfaction you deserve as we move into the blustery weeks ahead.

We Always Use Humane Methods

One thing many worry about when hiring a wildlife removal company is what will happen to the creatures when all is said and done. While we don’t want bats, mice, and squirrels in our home, they all serve an important purpose in their natural environment, and killing or harming them shouldn’t ever be a part of the removal process. We are proud to use only humane methods of removal, ensuring no critters get hurt throughout the ordeal, and we always set the animals free in an area that is well suited to their needs.

We will never use poisons or harmful traps, so you won’t have to stress about a thing. The animals will stay happy and healthy, as will any pets or kiddos in your home – it’s the best route for everyone!

Need Restoration Services?

So, the critters are all cleared up, your attic is sealed, and you can finally move on with your life… right? Not exactly. Most of the time, an invasion of this nature leads to some pretty big messes that need addressing, and we’re not just talking about a long afternoon of sweeping and mopping. Fortunately, we’re also licensed contractors, so anything that was destroyed in your space can easily be restored by our team in no time.

What do these services consist of? Basically, we’ll ensure your space is completely cleaned up and sanitized, then we will do everything necessary to get things back in shape. This could include replacing drywall, adding more insulation, repairing your flashing or ductwork, and more!

Consider Enrolling In Our Preventative Maintenance Program

Looking for some extra reassurance year-round? Then, our preventative maintenance program may be right for you! We’ll come back twice annually to check all of the areas we have previously sealed, and if there are any problems with them, we’ll fix it free of charge! We’ll also ensure no new bats or woodland critters have found their way back into your home. All in all, this is a surefire way to ease any tension you have regarding pests in your house.

There’s simply no better crew than ours in the Ortonville area. We are licensed with the Department of Natural Resources, members of Bat Conservation International and NWCOA, and are licensed builders. To top it off, our owner Ron Pelshaw has been in this line of work for decades, so you can bet we have the experience necessary to back up every service we offer.

It’s time to get the care and attention you deserve. Call on our experts today!

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