White Nose Syndrome

Bats in America have become increasingly affected by what Scientist have called, White Nose Syndrome (WNS). This fungus that grows on the outside of the bats nose and face area and attaches to the bats hair follicles. The fungus is formally named, Pseudogymnoascus Destructans and has been affecting bats in both North America and Europe for several years.

Much speculation has been made concerning the cause and spread of the fungus but no conclusion on to it’s formation. You can see the spread of the disease in the map below.

Michigan Bats

We recently contacted Jeffrey Foster at The University of New Hampshire after a recent radio program he did talking about the disease. Our concern was over the Bat Removal process now that Michigan bats have been affected by the fungus. He assured us, “affected species hibernate almost exclusively in caves/mines, which includes the various Myotis species in your area as well as possibly Perimyotis subflavus (Tricolored/Pipistrelle)” but that your typical house bat will not be one of the infected species in our state. 

So we wanted to create a resource page for the growing information on this fungus affecting bats across America and Europe. If you find something helpful here just drop a line at info@batremovalandprevention.com

White-Nose Official Page

Wiki Page On White-Nose

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