Summer is a time for hanging out on the beach, embarking on family vacations, and spending as much time in the sunshine as possible. It’s most certainly not a time that you want to spend dealing with rodents in your attic or yard space! Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of these unwanted guests and the staff at Bat Removal and Prevention can help you out!

Don’t Mice & Other Rodents Only Come During Winter?

Nope! Mice, rats, squirrels, and other furry critters can enter your home anytime, and they’ll always be on the search for food, shelter, and warmth, no matter the season. It’s often best to address the issues before wintertime when there are typically less of these critters to remove. By getting them all out now and implementing preventative measure throughout your home, you’ll be good to go when the temperatures drop!

How Do I Know I Have Them?

There are multiple clues that indicate you have a rodent problem. For one thing, rodents love to chew. You’ll likely notice gnaw marks on your woodwork or possibly chewed up wiring throughout your home. You’ll also be able to hear them scurrying around your walls and ceiling. Listen closely for these sounds and you’ll know quickly whether or not something else is present in your home.

You may also see the creatures running across your floor if you’re paying close attention. This is less common, but far from impossible. Stay alert and try to take note of their possible entry points. Another, potentially more unpleasant, sign is droppings and urine stains. If you have a rodent problem, this is one thing they are certain to leave behind, so be on the lookout, so we can address the problem as fast as possible.

Finally, check outside for any suspicious holes or chewed up plants. If it looks like something has been in your garden, gnawing at your flowers, or digging up your yard, this may be a sign of a muskrat, beaver, or groundhog. These guys are known for causing damage to your property, flooding your lawn, disrupting your pond life, and can even damage water pumps and heaters.

Can Bat Removal & Prevention Help?

You bet we can! We have various techniques for catching these critters in a humane way so that we can release them back into an environment that’s far from your home. They will be able to thrive in their new home, and you’ll be able to live your life without these troublesome interruptions!

On top of that, we’ll make sure any possible entry points are completely sealed and blocked off so that rodents won’t be able to find their way to back in anytime soon. And if you invest in our Preventative Maintenance Program, you know you’ll be all set, no matter what!

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