If you’ve faced damage to your attic due to wildlife intrusion, then you are probably more than ready to get things fixed up again. We get it! This can be a frustrating process, and having your life disrupted by expensive repairs is never ideal. That’s why our professional staff wants to help you out! We can remove wildlife, repair damages, and get you back to your normal routine in no time. Just call today!

Are Critters Still Present?

If your insulation is ripped, torn, and stained by animal feces, then we don’t blame you for wanting it fixed as soon as possible (especially with winter coming up fast). That being said, it’s important to ensure every animal is gone for good before starting on any fix-ups or modifications. There’s simply no point in paying for new materials or investing in professional help, only to have it destroyed again a few weeks later.

Give us the opportunity to enter the premises and remove any presence of wildlife throughout it. It doesn’t matter if you have squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, or some sneaky rodent – we can handle the job! We have gone through extensive training, and we have all the appropriate trapping equipment necessary for getting the job done right without endangering the creature. We safely trap it, remove it from your home, then release it in a more appropriate environment – everybody wins!

You’ll also want to make sure these animals have no way of coming back… A lot of times, when critters find a warm, cozy spot, they’ll find their way back to it, and may eventually have babies there. Now, that’s something you definitely don’t want to deal with! We’ll take all of the necessary measures to ensure they have no way of re-entering your home. Let our expert team help you out today!

What About The Damages?

Now that all the unwanted guests are cleared out of your home, it’s time to face the damages. Along with ripped up insulation, you’re probably facing chewed up wiring systems, urine stains, piles of feces, ripped up ductwork, torn drywall, and possibly more. Well, our services don’t just stop at wildlife removal… We can repair and restore your attic, too!

We ensure that your attic space is cleaned, disinfected, and back to normal again in no time. Any torn out insulation will be replaced, so your home will stay warm and animal free for the foreseeable future! When it comes to customer service, we only provide the best.

Need More Reassurance?

Be sure to ask us about our Preventative Maintenance Program! We’ll check things over twice a year and, if any areas need to be re-sealed, we will do so at no additional charge to you. Invest in us, and you’ll get the peace of mind and quality care you deserve.

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