The last thing any homeowner wants to spot in their living space is a mouse or rat running across the floor. There are all kinds of rodents that like to work their way into our warm, sturdy households, but mice are one of the more common ones we are hired to remove. One of the biggest reasons mice are known to enter a home is easy access. If you’re wondering why you keep facing this problem over and over, it may be that you simply have too many entry points through which they can wiggle through.

mouseMice are surprisingly agile. They can climb high, move fast, and squeeze through smaller spaces than you’d think. As temperatures drop, these critters seek shelter in places where they and their young can stay out of the harsh winds and snow that winter is known to bring along. Because of this, it would be in your best interest to have a team of professionals (like the crew here at Bat Removal and Prevention) look things over and determine whether or not your home is at risk.

Another reason mice are extra attracted to your space is if you tend to keep food or crumbs out in easily accessible areas. For those with young children and teenagers, we realize that this can be especially hard to stay on top of! That being said, we encourage all of our customers to keep their kitchen counters wiped down and all of their food bags and boxes well sealed.

Do you have a lot of trash cans, old furniture, old cars, or even piles of wood for your fireplace stashed closely to the home? This is something to be wary of, too. Mice flock to these areas because they are warmer, safer, and super easy to access. They’re also known to camp out in shrubs and bushes, which many tend to have along the perimeter of their home. Be sure to keep an eye out in these especially vulnerable areas.

Preventing Mice Invasions

Now you know why mice might enter your home, but how can you go about preventing their presence down the line? Storing food in airtight containers, keeping your floors and counters free of crumbs, and keeping outdoor storage and trash covered and well away from the home are all good strategies to practice, but even the cleanest, most organized homeowners may find themselves with rodent problems. Sometimes, homes are simply located in ideal areas for these critters, and that means relying on professional help to keep them out for good.

All in all, the best way to stop mice in their tracks to hire our team to check things over and look for any potential points of entry. We’ll eliminate any opportunity for them to sneak in your property, and if you sign up for our preventative maintenance program, then you can count on us to come back twice a year to re-inspect the area and reseal any of our previous work that looks like it could use some care (free of charge). There’s no better way to gain the peace of mind you deserve. Sign up today!

Signs Mice Are In The Home

There are some common signs that indicate mice, rats, or other rodents are still within your home. If you suspect they’ve moved in, but aren’t for certain, keep an eye open for the following:

  • Fresh Droppings: A clear cut indication that mice are present is any sign of their feces throughout the home. If it’s fresh it will be dark and wet, while older droppings will be hard, dry, and easy to crumble. The most common areas these can be found are in cupboards, by food, under sinks, or close to the area where the rodents are nesting.
  • Chew Marks: Mice love to chew and gnaw on things, so check your wiring and cables for any damage. It’s also a good idea to check your insulation, as well as your pantry. They can chew through chip bags and boxes of food in a hurry!
  • Scurrying Noises: Mice can be heard through the walls or ceiling, especially if there are a lot of them. Keep an open ear because you might hear them scurrying from time to time.
  • Strange Behavior In Pets: If your cat or dog can suddenly not leave a certain area of your home alone, then it’s in your best interest to check that spot for an infestation. They can smell and hear a lot more than we can, so take any out-of-the-norm behaviors to heart!
  • Nests: If you see piles of shredded paper or other similar materials throughout your home, this likely means mice are finding things to use for nesting materials, then putting them to use. This is a sign of a much bigger problem and that baby mice will soon be on the way. Get an expert on the job right away!

Why They Need To Be Removed

If you suspect that mice, rats, squirrels, or any other type of rodent is in your home or destroying your property, then the time to call in the pros is now. These critters, although small, can cause a lot of damage in a short amount, and it’s always in your best interest to get a professional on-site as soon as you possibly can.

Along with this, mice and rats are known for spreading disease, which could put your family in harm’s way and tack some medical bills onto your budget. Our qualified and experienced crew can remove any unwanted visitors in a humane fashion, then provide the services necessary to get your home and attic back into tip-top shape. Call today to set up an appointment with us!

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