Rat Exterminator

Effective methods of removing rats from your home or business.

We have seen several methods of rat removal and control in years past. We have seen (and utilized) ineffective methods. Over the years our process has gotten much more concise and effective. We wanted to share some things to look for when attempting rat extermination or hiring a local rat exterminator.

1) Utilize Poison Free Rat Extermination Methods.

One of the most dangerous aspects of rat extermination is the potential of harmful chemicals coming in contact with other animals in the house. Often the dosage and usage is in places that small children cannot access. Many products have become much more safe for humans. But an overlooked and potentially deadly aspect is the effect of rat poison on other animals.

Rat poison is the leading cause of animal issues in the US. One leading pet control hotline says that rodent poison, “is one of the most common types of toxicities managed by Pet Poison Helpline.” So it is imperative if you are communicating with a rat exterminator that you ask them what type of methods do they utilize?

If you have small pets, it is critical you utilize the best method of rat extermination while at the same time ensuring all your animals are safe from potential life threatening poisons.

2) Purchase A Pest Control Inspection

It does little good to just sprinkle rat traps all throughout your home. One key component is to identify the main entry points of the rats. As you can guess, these entry points are as small as a dime. So having a trained professional who knows how and where to identify these entry points can cut your time down in half. Well worth the money just to get the entry point locations.

Inspections also help identify other potential rodents that may be getting in your house. In fact it is rare that you have a singular rodent issue. So a trained professional rat exterminator will know what else to look for during the home inspection and cover the entirety of your home, both inside and out.

3) Plan On Long Term Solutions

The most common reason of ineffective rat extermination is stopping the process to early. What we find to often is home owners and a untrained rat exterminator will stop the process to early. Usually 3-7 days after no activity. Only to discover that the rats return shortly after. So two things can help this process.

1) Continue to leave traps up for at least 14 days after no activity.

2) If possible sign up for a local preventive maintenance program.

Both of these options will give you the long term support you need for years to come. Long term solutions are critical to the proper extermination of rodents after they have invaded your home. So be diligent and have a long term goal in mind.


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