When it comes to the removal of pests like bats, squirrels, rodents, raccoons, and more, doing it yourself is not always the most ideal option. There are always ways to tackle these jobs on your own. However, doing so can put you at risk of injury. In addition, if the animal is injured during the process you could face serious fines.

If you’re not up for do-it-yourself pest removal, our experts can handle the job! Learn more about your options below, then give us a call to get the fast, efficient results you’re looking for. Our experts can tackle anything you throw our way!

Bat Removal

When it comes to bat removal, you can always open a door or window and hope it eventually flies out on its own, but this is only when it’s not roosting. For roosting bats, removing them yourself gets a bit trickier. You’ll need to slowly move towards the bat with a box or bowl, place the container over the bat, then slide some cardboard between it and the wall to trap the critter inside.

You can then release the bat outside, unless you’ve come into contact with it, in which case you’ll need to have it checked for rabies. Once that’s done, it’s time to address all the bat guano that’s left behind, but be careful with that, too! Bat guano is very dangerous and can trigger some serious health issues if not handled properly.

As you can tell, this isn’t the most simple task. It could put you and family members at risk of several potential health hazards including rabies. If you prefer to leave it to a professional, give us a call. We are licensed and experienced to remove bats in a safe and humane way. Bat Removal & Prevention has got your back!

Squirrels, Raccoons, And Everything Else

Typically, removing a wild animal on your own won’t offer the quick and pain-free results most hope for. Consider a raccoon, for example. While you can potentially trap these creatures on your own, you still need to call Wildlife Control Services to pick it up afterward. You’ll also must ensure the raccoon won’t get hurt in the process, as this is unlawful in the state of Michigan. Not to mention, sometimes the traps used catch animals you’d rather not attract, like a skunk or angry cat!

Along with this, squirrels, rodents, and especially raccoons can get defensive and cause physical harm to those they feel threatened by. Typically, the easiest and more cost-effective option is to simply call us in from the start. You won’t risk facing fines for hurt animals or have to shell out cash for medical expenses. Just give us a call and we will handle it all!

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