Bats are a great asset to the environment, but having them in your home can lead to some dangerous risks for you and your family members. Along with causing damage to your property, bats are four bats in the skyknown for spreading harmful diseases, and their guano is dangerous to handle, as well.

All in all, keeping bats out of your home is best for both you and the bats, and it will save you from experiencing some stressful situations down the line. Learn more about stopping bats from entering your home below, and feel free to contact the team at My Bat Guy with any concerns or questions you may be experiencing. We are here to help!

Sealing Up Entry Points

There are many potential spots for bats to enter your home, so spotting them and sealing them up is a must when it comes to prevention. Whether it is a window, a chimney, or a gap in your woodwork, they can find their way in through countless potential openings! Fortunately, these can be easily covered with screens or protective caps, ensuring bats won’t have easy access any time soon.

It is also recommended to observe their habits, so you can note just how exactly they leave at night. This will help guarantee you do not miss a thing and that you won’t be left with any surprises after you think everything is sealed up.

If you think there are young bats present, you will want to avoid taking action until they are old enough to fly out on their own. Locking them into your space will prevent the parents from entering to take care of them, and they will die. Bats are protected by law in Michigan, so this is both inhumane and illegal.

Already Have A Bat Problem?

Have bats already set up camp in your home? If a do-it-yourself removal approach is not appealing to you, or if you are concerned that there are babies or a colony of bats present, then counting on our team for help will be your best bet. We are trained to locate these critters, and we can capture them in a way that is humane and pain-free. No poisons or chemicals are used.

Once we have the creatures captured, we set them free in an environment where they can more appropriately thrive. After this we will seal up any points of entry, so they cannot come back into your home (which they may attempt for about 2 – 3 weeks).

About Our Preventative Maintenance Program

If you want to keep bats out of your home for good, then investing in help from our professional crew may be the best decision to make. Our preventative maintenance program includes two inspections per year, and if we notice spots that need resealing, we will get the job done at no extra charge to you.

Work with the best by depending on our crew today!

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