How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

Squirrels can be very invasive and annoying especially when they have taken up shelter in the attic or walls. Not only do they nibble on things like insulation and cables, they also jump, make chirping and scratching noises, bump into things and scurry through whatever hole they can find. This can be especially noticed during the evening hours as they get in and out of their nesting spot to find food. Squirrel removal is very important and should be taken up immediately you notice them around your property because they multiply within the shortest time. One squirrel can literally give birth to several kits within a month!

What do I do when I have a squirrel problem?

So you have just heard the unmistakable pitter patter of tiny squirrel feet somewhere in your attic, or you have spotted them squrrying around. Do not panic! Although squirrel removal can be a bit challenging, it is completely doable. What you need to do is learn the right squirrel control methods or better still, get in touch with professionals who offer squirrel removal services.

What are the most effective squirrel control methods?

First of all, you must always remember to use humane methods when dealing with such animals. This means you must NOT kill the squirrels! Each animal plays a role in balancing the eco system and besides, killing the squirrels does not prevent more from coming. Take some humane preventive and control measures and your squirrel problem will be no more. For a good picture by picture squirrel removal sample. Check out this wiki squirrel article.

Michigan squirrel control services.

Bat Removal and Prevention has continuously offered top notch and reliable wildlife control services to Michigan residents, with squirrel removal being part of what we offer. The clients who have come to us with squirrel control needs in both their residential and commercial properties never went away disappointed because our services are always satisfactory. Not only do we offer humane squirrel control services, we also give advice on how to prevent or deal with future occurrences so you do not have to dig into your pocket every time you spot a squirrel.

How do we get rid of squirrels?


Step 1. Inspection.
How are the squirrels getting inside your attic? Which passages are they using? We find these out by carrying out a thorough inspection of your property. Yo can rest assured that we leave nothing to chance because leaving any entryway unsealed will not alleviate the problem, it will only offer some temporary relief. Due to the fact that we want the squirrel problem to be eradicated completely, we will find every crevice that grants the squirrels access into your building, then move on to the next step.

Step 2. Trapping and locking the squirrels out.
One method is live trapping the squirrels. We do this by the use of special small cages that do not harm the squirrels. Using a huge cage means the squirrel can find space to run around and end up hurting itself. This cage is placed at the exit point used by squirrels, especially if their population is small. With luck, all the squirrels will be trapped as they exit into the cage. It is a process that can be done repeatedly until all the squirrels have been safely trapped and relocated.

Placing one way doors on the squirrels’ entryways is also another method that absolutely works. We place these special doors on the pathways used by the squirrels, so once the squirrels are out they have no way of getting back in. The method is actually quite effective, ensuring that the squirrels have no option but to look for an alternative shelter away from your building. Most will not linger, as they still need a warm and comfortable place away from the harsh weather conditions and predators, so they can peacefully raise their young and store food.

Step 3. Closing the entryways.
Once all the squirrels are out we then seal their entry points into your home. This is an important process in ensuring that the problem never recurs. Squirrels are very determined creatures as they willbtry to find alternatives, but with us you can be sure that we will seal your home from the foundation to the rooftop! Another thing that makes this step important is that it prevents even other wildlife from invading your home.

Important things to remember in a squirrel exclusion procedure.
~ Squirrels will invade your yard to look for food, so ensure that you have a clean compound. This will ensure that the animals will stay away from your property from the word go. For instance, clear the bird seeds and ensure that the trash cans are properly sealed.

~ Squirrels can chew themselves out of any place, so if you are going to trap them use metallic cages. Even your trash cans should be metallic or else they will chew through to access food.

~ In many states, it is illegal to relocate squirrels away from their place of shelter. Only licensed wildlife control experts can carry out this procedure. It is also important to always use humane methods when dealing with these creatures. Do not kill them or trap their young ones inside when performing a squirrel exclusion process.

~ Always seal all entry points after a live trapping or exclusion method. It is the only way to ensure that the squirrels will not be able to return.

~ Live trapping and exclusion are the only methods that are completely reliable when you want to get rid of squirrels.

Look for more specific tips in our blog  on how to get rid of squirrels and other nuisance animals. Squirrels can be described as nuisance animals which given the chance, would really disturb the peace in someone’s home. You have no doubt learnt a trick or two on how to get rid of squirrels, but always remember that if you cannot handle them yourself you must call in the experts as soon as possible. This is because the longer they stay in your property, the more the damage caused. Contact Bat Removal and Prevention for your Michigan squirrel removal services. We are always happy to restore your property to the peaceful haven it once was before these creatures invaded your place of comfort!

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