Squirrels in the garage have the tendency to bring a lot of damage. They chew holes in your garage walls, they ruin cables and could easily cause fires. Clients have even reported damage to their cars thanks to these little invasive creatures. If you have squirrels in your garage you are definitely worried and chances are you have even considered poisoning them. Well, before you get annoyed enough to use this inhumane method, we have some good news for you. It is totally possible to get rid of squirrels in a humane manner and to ensure that they do not return.

How to get rid of squirrels in the garage.
Follow these simple prevention and exclusion steps and within no time you will have eradicated your squirrel problem.

fox squirrel

1. Know your squirrels.

Inspect the squirrel behavior. What time do they come in? When do they leave? What pathways do they use? Are there baby squirrels in the garage? Remember, even a half an inch of a crack is enough for a squirrel to chew through and gain access to your garage.

2. Seal the extra holes.

The main hole used by squirrels would probably be larger than the others. Use clear caulk or a wire mesh to seal every other hole or crack on your garage wall and roof. These are materials that squirrels cannot chew through.

3. Trap or exclude the squirrels.

Place a trap (cage) by the main entryway to catch the squirrels as they squrry out. Remember to check on the trap repeatedly to avoid starving the animals. It is wise to use small cages so the squirrels do not run around and hurt themselves. The trapped animals can now be relocated to a distance not less than 10 miles or they would simply return. The best thing to do at this stage however, would be to call a wildlife removal company to relocate trapped squirrels as carrying out the process yourself is illegal in most states.

You may opt for one way doors conveniently placed at the squirrels pathway as a perfect exclusion method. The doors give the squirrels a chance to get out but with no way back in. Remember, DO NOT trap or exclude squirrels if there are baby squirrels in your garage. The excluded mother would chew her way in to get back to her babies and if she fails you would have dead baby squirrels to deal with. The humane thing would be to allow them to mature for about 2 months or simply enlist the services of wildlife removal company.

4. Seal the main entryway.

This is the final process, ensuring that the squirrels have been safely locked out. If there are still squirrels running around, you may need to repeat the whole procedure while focusing on sealing all the holes. Need expert wildlife control services in Michigan? Call Bat Removal and Prevention. We are always happy to provide you with reliable squirrel removal services at very competitive rates.

We always advice our clients to keep squirrels away from the compound by ensuring that they cannot access food from bird feeders or from exposed trash cans. A clean compound is key in ensuring that there are no squirrel living in your garage. A thorough cleanup and decontamination of the garage is important after the squirrel removal procedure to get rid of squirrel droppings and the stains from their urine.

Or you can just become it’s adopted mother like the man in this video, although we don’t suggest that.

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