Get Rid Of Bat Droppings

Have you noticed bat droppings on your front porch? Are you cleaning the droppings only to see them return the following day? Many clients call with this problem, wondering how they can get rid of bats and bat droppings from their front porch and keep it off. So we decided to put up a few insider trade tips that may help deter them from returning again.

1. Use Your Porch Lights To Deter The Bats.

Turn your porch light on. Bats generally like a quiet dark place where they can rest peacefully, so when you turn the front porch light on it disturbs them and makes them shift to a different habitat. When the lights do not deter them for about a week, you could use some additional lights to face your front porch. The bats are bound to get uncomfortable in such a bright place eventually. One problem with this however, is that the light may attract insects and encourage the bats to stay on because they can easily access food. We all know the best way to get rid of any pests or unwanted wildlife is to ensure that they do not have food. If this happens, turn off the lights and use a different tactic.

2. Find their main roosting spot.

These bats would not just be roosting at your front porch, they are most likely coming from the attic. The best way to go about this is to carry out a live bat exclusion method. How do you do this? By finding out their entry and exit points, then sealing them shut.

~Startby examining your house in the evenings for bats leaving their shelter to go hunting. Check carefully to ensure that you have noted all their entryways to make it easier for you to seal them.

~Place one way doors that allow the bats to leave with no chance of getting back in. The best time to do this is when the bats do not have young pups because sealing one way bat doorthem in will give you a dead bat problem, something that is both illegal and inhumane. Let’s not forget that bats play an important role in balancing the ecosystem by eating insects like mosquitoes which spread deadly diseases.

~Use clear caulk to seal the entry points once you are sure that all the bats are out. When carrying out this procedure, ensure that you have sealed every other hole that could give the bats entry into your home. Bats can squeeze in through the smallest crack possible. In fact the smaller the hole the safer they feel, like the predators cannot follow them. Remember, one of their key reasons for seeking shelter in your attic in the first place is to escape predators.

~Once all the holes have been sealed and the bats safely evicted, carry out a bat guano cleanup procedure but be careful not to inhale the dust. Bat guano contains the histoplasmosis fungi which brings about an infection of the lungs. Always wear a mask and thick gloves when handling bat guano. If the guano has accumulated too much, you could seek professional help.

3. Set up bat houses.

This is another option that works well when excluding bats from your front porch. Bat houses could incur additional costs for you but if they will rid you of the bat guano problem on your front porch then they are definitely worth it. You can get bat houses online, in hardware stores or you could make one for yourself. Set up the bat house near the place where they like to roost. Once you have sealed shut their entryways into your home the bats will most likely live in the new
habitat you have conveniently provided. Leave the bat houses for about a week or two to ensure that all the bats get used to their new home. At this point you may now call the professionals so they can safely relocate them.

Always remember that you must not handle any bats that you find on the ground. The bat could have rabies and may get aggressive. It is best if you called wildlife
control experts to deal with such a bat. Protect yourself with a mask and thick gloves when cleaning bat guano to avoid inhaling spores which cause diseases. These tips have been proven to get rid of bats from your front porch and ultimately their guano. bat dropping clean upHowever if all else fails, get in touch with bat removal technicians. Often when bats are around the porch we discover them in the attic. So it would be a good idea to at least get a home inspection soon.

But following these steps will at least deters these critters from coming around your front porch.

What Materials Can Be Used To Create a Smooth Surface and Deter Bats From Roosting?

To create a smooth surface and discourage bats from roosting, various materials can be utilized. Bats typically require a rough surface to cling and rest on. One effective approach is to consider employing smooth materials, such as Plexiglas or other similar substances, to cover their usual roosting spots. By implementing these smooth surfaces, you can disrupt the bats’ ability to cling and discourage them from roosting in those areas.

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