Effective Bat Control Steps for Michigan Homes

Bat Removal


Many Michigan homes inadvertently become hosts for bats because these animals are found in abundance in this region. Bats thrive on insects such as mosquitoes that breed in swampy areas around the lakes and woods. As the number of human habitations increases in the region, the bats are more likely to be displaced from their natural habitats. Bats prefer to live in dark and cave-like places that are warm. Many Michigan homes have attics that meet these criteria enticing bats to move into them.

Not a Pleasant Pet to Have

Once inside the home, bats can destroy the insulation and also cause the spread of diseases because their guano contains bacteria and spores. Bat guano and urine can also corrode many home fixtures. The most effective way of preventing such damage is to ensure that bats do not enter the home in the first place.
Bats are attracted to places where they have roosted before, and one way of ensuring that they do not return is to clean up any surface that they touched.

Night Creatures

Additionally, bats are nocturnal and normally fly around at twilight hours. Bats may enter homes during this period from migrating through walls coming out from unfinished portions of the basement, from cold air returns, ceiling fans, recess lighting fixtures and although rare through open windows or open doors.

Holes in the Roofs
Bats are small animals that can enter your home through small gaps and entrances. To prevent this, the home has to be checked from top to bottom for small gaps. The chimneys have to be capped and the louver vents and shutters in the attic have to be screened. Additionally, the eaves have to be examined for the presence of small gaps and these have to be sealed. Gaps in the roof between tiles are also large enough to permit the entry of bats. As such, a skilled bat control team in Michigan will examine all these crucial locations of the home and take steps to seal any entries. This will help prevent the entry of bats into the home. Here is a great video from True Value on repairing some holes.

Clean and Sterilized

However, if bats have already found their way inside a home once, more active measures need to be taken to control them. All existing bats in the home have to be removed and relocated in the wild by the bat control specialists in Michigan. Next, the bat guano has to be cleaned and any damage caused by the bats repaired. The cleaning has to be effective enough to remove all Bactria and fungi that cause histoplasmosis.

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