Our Michigan clients usually have questions regarding DIY methods of getting rid of bats, and some even ask about bat extermination as a means of getting rid of the problem once and for all. We have compiled a list of the common questions and provided you with answers to help you learn more on how you can effectively curb the problems brought about by Michigan bats.

How do bats get inside my house?

Bats would prefer to stay in the wild, roosting under the large sheltered trees, behind thick tree barks or camouflaging within dead leaves away from humans. But due to the destruction of their natural habitats, bats have adapted to looking for alternative roosts inside people’s houses. how do bats get in my houseJust like any other animal, they are constantly seeking safe areas where they can raise their young away from predators and harsh weather conditions.

In areas like Michigan, where there are bats throughout the year, bats tend to look for shelter in attics, chimneys, walls and even window
shutters. Ever wondered why Michigan bats prefer old houses? It is simply because these houses are usually damaged by the weather, leaving holes and cracks that bats could use to gain access and find a safe place to raise their pups.

If bats find even a simple crack into your house especially leading to the attic, then they can easily crawl their way there and make a comfortable roosting spot for themselves. Bats in window shutters are mostly in the process of migrating and they tend to leave after a while.

How can I effectively get rid of bats from my house?

The best option has always been to seek the services of bat removal technicians. They can carry out a thorough inspection, assess the situation, get rid of the bats and prevent their return. For bat control services in Michigan, contact Bat Removal and Prevention Inc for a free quote. We will provide you with effective bat elimination services and a through clean up process to make your environment safe and contamination free.

Bat extermination methods.

Bat ExterminatorThe most important thing to remember about bat extermination methods is that in many states, bats are protected by the law as endangered species so it is illegal to kill or forcefully evict them at a time when their young could come to harm. Not only is it a crime, but it is also completely inhumane to poison bats or smoke them out from their habitat. A careful and humane procedure needs to be followed to ensure that bats are carefully excluded from your home so they can seek a new shelter.

Never use toxic chemical products that could harm your health or the environment in your quest to exterminate bats! When you seek services from expert bat exterminators, ensure that their means of exterminating bats are also humane.

Effective alternatives to bat extermination.

Humane bat trapping.

Note that bat trapping only works when you are trying to get rid of one bat or just a few bats from your house. When it is a large colony, then you might have quite a bit of work cut out for you if you were planning to trap all of them! There are bat traps that you can place at their point of exit to capture the bats as they leave their roost, then safely relocate them. The problem is that there is nothing holding them back from returning.

Bat proofing.

This is the best way to keep bats out of your premises. Not only does it exclude all the bats, but it keeps them away, preventing their return. Bat proofing is done with precision to ensure success.

1. Timing.
As mentioned earlier, it is important to be humane. Carry out the procedure when the young pups are grown and well capable of flying out of the roost on their own.

2. Setting up one-way doors.
These are special doors that allow bats to get out but not back in. They are strategically placed at the points that bats use to gain access into the building. How will you know the bat entry and exit points? From inside your attic, you can see the areas where there are cracks that are letting in light from outside. You could also inspect around your house. Bats tend to drop their guano right before they get into their roosting place. If you spot a pile of guano beside your house, then the bats are most likely using an entry place right above the pile of droppings. Place these doors in such areas and any other crack they could use to get in. After some time all the bats will safely be out.

3. Repairing and sealing the bats’ entry points.
Once all the bats have been excluded, the openings can now be sealed shut. This is the last step in the bat proofing process. You could caulk the cracks shut, repair the roof and even carry out a thorough repairing of damages caused by the weather. The key thing is in keeping the bats out because they will be very determined to get back to their safe roosting place.

Michigan Bat Control

How can I keep away migratory bats?

These are the bats that mostly inhabit your window shutters. You need to either caulk the space between the shutters and the house, or completely get rid of the shutters, eliminating the option of a roosting place for bats. These bats are usually in transit so they leave on their own after some time, but if you are in Michigan you may have noticed that there are bats all through the seasons including winter. If the bats do not leave on their own then they may just have sought permanent residence in your shutters. You need to explore ways of keeping them out for good.

Providing an alternative roost.

It is not always easy to completely seal bats out. A determined colony will still find their way back especially since even a 1/2 an inch crack is Bat in basementenough space for them to crawl through. If however you are successful and you do exclude the bats from your home, their only option is to look for a new shelter. They could find it in a new building, where they will also be evicted or even exterminated. With time, they may leave the area. This contributes negatively towards the local bat population.

The presence of bats in an area plays a very important role in controlling the insect population. So how do you balance between getting these benefits and keeping bats away from your home? Through providing an alternative roost in the form of bat boxes installed at a distance away from your house.

Do not forget that it is very important to clean up after a successful bat eviction process to get rid of the health risk posed by bat guano. Ensure that you are well protected behind a face mask and thick gloves. If the pile of guano is too large, you may need to contact experts to carry out the cleaning. For further enquiries, get in touch with Bat Removal And Prevention Inc., Michigan. Our friendly customer service will be happy to answer your questions.

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