Michigan Bat Control

Kamilah, a Malayan Flying Fox.

One of our desires at Bat Removal and Prevention is to educate our clients on the importance of bats in their surrounding ecosystem. It is important to note that our goal is never to simply eradicate bats from your community, just from your house. Bats are wonderful creatures. They provide an enormous benefit to your surroundings. But bats in your attic are obviously not the goal for any homeowner.

Nevertheless, education mixed with bat eradication (from homes) is a great mix. One “somewhat important” place to get bat information from is, The White House. This is why we were happy to see staff at the White House invite the Organization for Bat Conservation to come in during the Easter Event this year and inform students, children and parents on all the benefits bats pose.

Rob Mies said in preparation for the trip, “She (Malayan flying fox) can be a little groggy in the morning, and we have to be at the White House at 4:30 a.m. to go through security and be sniffed by police dogs,” Mies says. “I wish I could give her a little cup of coffee or something.”

If you would like to read a run down of the event, visit The Washington Post’s recent article, Click Here.

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