Who doesn’t love summer? It’s a great time to hit the pool, spend time outdoors, and go on vacations with friends and family members. If you’re planning some adventures throughout the upcoming months, then it’s important to ensure nothing comes up that may throw your agenda out of whack. For example, wildlife invasion can destroy parts of your home, setting you back some cash and forcing you to add clean-up duty to your checklist.

Raccoons are especially known for creating chaos in attics all throughout the state, which is why we’re here to help you keep them away. Learn more about the damages you could face due to raccoons entering your home, then talk with our staff about preventative maintenance. Or, if you’re facing a wildlife problem currently, call right away! We’re ready to help you out, no matter how big or small your wildlife removal needs are.

Tearing The Place Apart

Any animal in your attic will likely cause some damage, but raccoons are especially known for creating big messes. They can tear apart venting equipment, ductwork, insulation, and even wiring! All of these things mean big problems for your home, and some of the issues (like frayed wires) could possibly trigger a bigger disaster, like a fire.

Along with this, raccoons living in your attic have to relieve themselves somewhere, and they aren’t the type to use the restroom. This means you’re left with urine stains and feces throughout the place, stinking things up and damaging your floors and belongings.

And don’t forget any friends they might bring with them! If the animals have fleas or some other type of bug or parasite living on them, then you’re face to face with two different types of pests, both of which are hard to get rid of, and both of which cause a lot of nuisance. Don’t put that on yourself or your family! Call us today. We’re more than willing to help with it all.

Health Hazards

Destruction and ruined items is a frustrating and time-consuming thing to deal with as a homeowner, but unfortunately, the damage done by raccoons doesn’t always end there. Raccoons can easily bring diseases in with them, triggering health issues for your family members, should they come into contact with the creature or its feces.

On this same note, raccoons are typically quite aggressive, so contact with them (accidental or not) can result in some pretty serious injuries. Now, you’re looking at even more stress and some extra medical bills, too.

What’s That Sound?

On top of it all, raccoons are known for being loud, as homeowners are forced to listen to them scurrying and scampering throughout the upper levels of their home. These noises are notorious for keeping people up at night, and they can turn a relaxing evening indoors into a disaster. Don’t let these critters take control. Count on us to get them out and keep them away for good!

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