Hearing strange sounds in your attic? Is your insulation looking torn and scratched up? Have you been spotting droppings and urine stains throughout the area? Then, you may have a bat problem. The sooner you get batsthem out, the better, which is why we are here with some do-it-yourself tips if you’d like to tackle the job yourself.

Before we dive into it, though, remember that killing or harming bats is illegal in our state. Bats throughout Michigan play a big role in reducing our insect population and, in general, they help to spread seeds, pollinate plants, and give us insight into various environments. Unfortunately, their numbers are declining due to White-nose syndrome, which is why we must take extra precautions to protect them.

Our suggestions all highlight ways to catch bats in a safe and effective manner, while keeping them alive and healthy, so that you can release them back into the wild. Read up below or, if do-it-yourself doesn’t seem like a good option for you, turn to us, and we would be happy to help you out with our efficient and bat removal services.

Is The Bat Roosting?

If the bat you would like to remove is roosting, then we suggest simply placing some type of container, like a bowl or box, over the bat, then gently sliding a piece of cardboard between it and the wall to trap it inside.You’ll also want to make sure the container stays covered, so the animal cannot escape, while allowing fresh air to enter so the bat can breathe.

Keep in mind that if you or anyone else was scratched or bitten by the bat you will want to take it in to have it tested for rabies. Otherwise, the critter should be safe to release outside.

Is The Bat Flying?

If the bat is flying about the space, you will obviously have to approach the situation a bit differently. In these cases, it is best to simply open a door or window, then use objects to encourage the bat out of your home. Between your gentle guidance and the bat’s echolocation, it should be able to find its way out eventually. Just keep an eye on it, so that you know for certain it has left.

Worried The Bats Will Return?

It isn’t unusual for bats to return to an environment, especially if it is a cozy and well-protected area like someone’s attic. We advise anyone who has had bat problems in the past to call our team in for an inspection to ensure any potential entry points are well-sealed. We can also look around and make certain no other bats are still remaining in your home.

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