Have you been hearing strange noises from your attic? If so, you probably suspect the presence of some type of wildlife. It’s not always easy to distinguish what exactly may be there, but sometimes you can tell if you listen closely enough! If you hear more of a thumping noise, rather than a scurry, it’s highly likely you have a raccoon. They sound different than small rodents because they actually walk around, rather than scamper. They’ll also scratch, chirp, and growl!

Unfortunately, it’s easy for raccoons to cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Learn more about the types of damage they are known for by reading below, then contact us if you’re concerned about your what’s living in your home. At Bat Removal & Prevention, we’re qualified to help you out!

Tearing Things Apart

Raccoon have sharp claws, so it’s easy for them to rip and tear things all throughout your attic. This could include insulation, furniture, storage boxes, and more! And these claws make it easy for them to climb and explore, so their boundaries are far and wide. Also, due to the shape and function of their paws, it’s easy for them manipulate door handles and latches, and they can even open various types of containers quite easily!

If you have a raccoon in your attic, they can make a mess out of everything as they hunt for food. And they’ll likely chew through wiring and other items along the way. On top of everything, their muddy paws will be tracking prints over everything they explore. Like we said, they can do a lot of damage fast!

Leaving Behind Feces

Another big issue with raccoons is the feces and urine they leave behind. This is obviously a big problem that will ruin your belongings and stink up your living space. Along with this, raccoon waste can carry various diseases with it, including roundworm and the Giardia infection. Both of these bring serious risk should you, your loved ones, or your pets come into contact with it.

I Need Help! A Raccoon Is In My Attic!

If you have raccoons in your attic and you want them out, you can count on us. Raccoons aren’t known for being the nicest critters when approached, but that’s no problem for our team. We remove them in a way that keeps everyone safe (including the raccoon), and we’ll check for any babies, too. Harming raccoons is against the law, so attempting to use poisons or other potential hurtful means will land you in some trouble. If it’s not something you want to mess with, call us in to handle it all. From clean up to attic restoration to preventative maintenance, Bat Removal & Prevention has got you covered!

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