Getting Rid of Bats In Your House Once And For All

When a bat is flying around in your home, you want to get rid of it quickly. You’re not alone. One of our most-asked questions is concerning the removal of bats flying around a house.

bats in house

Here at Bat Removal and Prevention, we created 4 easy steps to assist you in getting rid of bats in your house today, and how to prevent them from coming back. 

First, confine the bat to one area 

Here, you can utilize anything from a towel to a bed sheet. Simply corner the bat into one main area of the home. A lot of homeowners go wrong by simply waving their hands up or raising their voices. It is important, due to the bats use of echo location for flight patterns, to use something more solid. 

Open a door or window (without a screen)

Yes, a screen will prohibit the bat from leaving your home. You want to open up at least one access point for the the bat to leave the premises. This may take several attempts while the bat is flying, but the bat will pick up both temp changes and a deeper echo response allowing the bat to leave the area. 

Keep visual until the bat leaves 

Once you have verified the bat is gone, securely shut the access point (door/window). Often they try re-entry at the point of departure.  After 30 minutes, the bat should have left the immediate area around the departure point. 

Examine home for original access point 

Usually your access hole to the attic is the prime location for bat entry.

Getting the bat out of your home is not a permanent solution. A majority of the time it simply means you have a bat issue in your attic and will need to have it inspected so that all points of entry can be sealed and the bats can be removed. 

In this event, call a professional bat removal company to provide a permanent solution. We would love to serve you with our numerous price options and 5-year guarantee – 248-403-8167

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