Bats In House?

Bat flying around your home? Bats may accidentally find there way into your home. They may be first seen flying around a room early in the evening, landing on curtains or furniture and then taking flight again. THIS IS NO CAUSE FOR AN ALARM!! Remain calm and keep pets and children away. The bat wants out of your home home as much as you want it out ( OK, lets face it, you probably want it out more).
Bat Removal & Prevention, Inc. offers 24/7 emergency animal removal. We often are able to response to your location within 60 minutes. If you don’t feel like you can wait for a professional to arrive at your home and feel up to the challenge of trying to remove the bat yourself, refer to to see how to remove a bat from it’s roosting area. You may also see our web page “Bats In House”
ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES WHEN HANDLING BATS AND OTHER WILDLIFE CRITTERS. Bats are not prone to attack, but, when handled they will try to bite as they will feel threatened.

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