We have seen all sorts of bat infestations over the years. But having bats in your attic is by far, one of the most common issues. They find holes and entry points in your home’s exterior and set up shop for months and years to come.

Folks have asked us over the years, how does a bat exclusion process work? We thought we would take a few minutes and explain the process for you.

One of our trained technicians will get their to inspect your home on a scheduled day and time of appointment.

Home Inspections

This is our first step to determine if it is in fact bats in your attic or something else. We are walking around the perminator and gaining entry to your attic space. Once we determine the below factors you will get a quote and suggested plan if removal.

1) Examine the Exterior for entry points. 

2) Examine Interior colony size based on guano piles and damage to the home. 

Bat Exclusions

Once an inspection has been conducted either a simple 2-3 week bat removal process can start or a full attic restoration which usually take 1-3 days. A basic bat exclusion consist of the following steps…

1) Identify the entry points. 

These are small spots the bats are getting in. They can be near windowsills, siding, soffits, roof line, behind gutters and more. Discovering these areas is time consuming but can be done by a trained tech within the hour long home inspection.

2) Place one way bat doors at the main entry points. 

This allows the bats to leave the attic and not return. One ways doors are small pipes, usually PVC material. We do not create holes but place them in existing entry points.

3) Ensure that all secondary entry points are sealed, or potential entry points. 

Bats are territorial. So they will attempt to locate other entry points. Since bats need a hole 3/4th an inch or larger, it takes trained eyes to examine all potential areas for re-entry. So we check from the foundation to the chimney for those spots.

4) After 2-3 weeks the bats will fully relocate.

Once the 2-3 weeks are up we come pack to pull the doors and seal the holes. Once the doors are pulled  your home is finished and should be bat free for years to come.

Attic Restoration

Our full attic restoration is a process in which the homeowner or business owner request a full removal of all the insulation, fogging, bacteria cleaning, vacuuming and more. This process basically consist of the following.

1) Identify the entry points.

(See above)

2) Ensure that all primary and secondary entry points are sealed.

Like above, this process is critical to ensure the bats do not enter though some secondary location once they have been removed. Because they are territorial, they will attempt to gain entrance into the attic in any way they can. Usually at or around your roof line.

3) Remove all contaminated insulation.

This process usually takes 1-2 days. We utilize hepa filter vacuums. We are fully covered with mask. This process is the most important aspect of ensuring your home is fully bat free and all bacteria has been sanitized.

4) Install new insulation.

Once we have fully removed all old insulation and fogged, killing all bacteria spores, we will begin to place new insulation. This process only takes a few hours.

This is just a short list of things but feel free to email us or call today at 248.403.8167.

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