Guano in attic

Bats In Attic

Bats In Attic Areas May Not Be Your Biggest Problem!

Learn What Hidden Issue Might Be Lurking Inside Your Attic.

When it comes to bats in your attic, several issues can arise from the colony. Two questions need to be asked right away.

1) How many bats are in your attic?

2) How long have bats been in your attic?

Why are these the important questions? We have to find out what existing damage has been created and what type of guano contamination exist.  

Bats in attic spaces create havoc.

The main issue when it comes to bats in the attic are that they create a lot of waste. That waste can become a huge issue if left. So our trained technicians usually start out by doing a full attic inspection. They want to see what areas have waste build up and what location are the bats entering through. 

If you live in a rental home we encourage you to share as much data with your landlord as possible. These health risk can become serious. We work with a number of homeowner insurance companies to help cover the cost of any restoration services that must be used. 

bats in attic

Bats In Attic Fireplace Hole

The main issue after established the extent of the guano damage and entry points is the size of the colony. Because bats can reproduce at a high rate, it only takes a summer or two before you have a very serious issue on your hand. Responding to noises in your attic and walls is critical, the more proactive you become to sooner the less likely will a full attic restoration be needed. 

If you are not sure but suspect you may have bats in your attic, sign up for our free PDF on “7 Signs You May Have A Bat Infestation.” by visiting our home page. 

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